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Paper, 30 min

Present a paper for approximately 20 minutes, setting it up as you prefer, and take part in the ensuing discussion app. 10 minutes. The accepted paper is made available to all participants before the conference on the conference website.

Submission is done by extended abstract comprising approximately 1000 words.

Roundtable, 40 min

The basis for a roundtable discussion is an introductory text or other material in connection to the chosen issue at hand, with accompanying suggestions on questions to discuss. This material is made available to all participants before the conference on the conference website. The presenter acts as chair person and opens with a presentation of the issue at hand for 10-15 minutes and thereafter invites the public into the discussion.

The introductory text should be approximately 1000 words, excluding the accompanying  suggestions on questions to discuss. The basis for the roundtable discussion can also be presented in the form of a film or something eqivalent.

Best practice, 30 min

This format is designed for those who wish to talk about and describe some innovation in teaching and learning that has resulted in e.g. more engaged students, better exam results or more creative teaching and learning. Here you can also present new ideas/tools /support systems that facilitate teaching and learning.

The basis for a best practice presentation is a descriptive text of approximately 500 words and/or other relevant material - new media are especially welcomed.

Acceptance criteria

The reviewers will consider submissions according to the following criteria:

  1. Relevance for the conference
  2. Potential for the promotion of development within higher education
  3. Distinct question/issue and implementation
  4. Clear conclusions or reflected reasoning

The review process will be conducted vis-a-vis the desired session type.

All submissions go through a peer-review by national reviewers.
Deadline for submitted abstracts for the conference is 7/5 2012.

Full paper

Irrespective of form of submission, you are welcome to submit a full paper for the conference proceedings. Accepted contributions will be published in digital and/or printed form depending in the amount of accepted articles.
For those of you who wish, we will be offering a seminar after the conference where your texts can be processed and revised in a collegial context. We have no absolute rules for how your article should be formatted, but if you wish to have your article included in the conference proceedings, there is a style guide available (see below). There are no absolute guidelines for how long your text should be, but you may take any conference article within your own field as a comparison.
The submissions go through a peer-review process with national reviewers.

Deadline for submitting a full paper is 1/10 2012.

Example articel

Practical information

The programme committees will group the accepted presentations into different parallell sessions according to emergent themes and requested session formats. The programme committee may ask  presenters to present their contribution in some other session format than the one initially  requested.

All files that make up the basis for a presentation should be appended to the application. Should you have have some basis for you presentation that cannot be appended to the application, please contact Christina Hansson.



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