The annual conference on higher education pedagogy


August 20th 2014 at Blekinge Institute of Technology


BTH and The University of Kristianstad has hosted the annual higher education pedagogy conference Lärarlärdom since 2009. Linneaus University joins us as of this year. Lärarlärdom is thus now hosted by three universities in the southeast and has a catchment area of approximately 3000 employees in higher education.   

The main purpose of the conference is as follows:

  • to offer a meeting-place where lecturers, course administrators, staff engaged in supporting services, university management and students’ unions can interact and hold in-depth discussions on the quality of courses and study programmes and of learning,
  • to create a forum that will provide inspiration for discussions and knowledge creation concerning teaching and learning in higher education, as well as the conditions for these activities,
  • to establish a platform for the development of pedagogic competence which will provide lecturers with the opportunity to present their reflected experience and documented knowledge concerning teaching and learning in higher education.

Over the years, our lecturers, researchers, PhD students, course administrators, and staff engaged in various supporting services have developed a sound body of knowledge and reflected experience concerning learning in relation to our subjects, teaching as carried out on our courses, and the provision of support for our students, as well as the conditions for successful learning at our universities. Moreover, many our lecturers have, through empirical studies conducted in development projects, developed important knowledge about the learning of students pursuing courses and study programmes.

Moreover, in recent years there has been an increasing focus on the results of study programmes and courses. Issues concerning teaching quality have thus become the centre of our attention. It is important to develop and support our lecturers' pedagogical skills and to illuminate the conditions for teaching in higher education.

There is a great need for a common forum where the lecturers of Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), Kristianstad University (HKR) and Linneaus University (LnU) can meet and hold pedagogical and didactic discussions across the traditional boundaries between disciplines. By holding an annual conference on higher education pedagogy, we aim to promote an exchange of experience reaped from day-to-day teaching and of insight concerning the learning facilitated by that teaching.

Through this conference on higher education pedagogy, we want to provide you with the opportunity to meet colleagues and share with them your experience of educating and teaching in different subject traditions and contexts, and the opportunity to illuminate the prerequisites for learning and knowledge creation.

Who can register?
All staff and active members of the student unions at BTH, HKR and LnU are welcome to participate.

Academic conference
The conference is designed as a traditional academic conference, consisting of presentations of papers and subsequent discussions, round-table discussions on substantiated questions, presentations of best practice based on reflected experience (an academic version of the show-and-tell presentation), and a specially invited keynote speaker. Through your presentation, you will be contributing to the common body of scholarship of teaching & learning, and the participants will be able to acquaint themselves with the field of higher education pedagogy and help develop this subject field. After the conference, you will be given the opportunity to publish a complete paper in the conference proceedings.

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