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CSN is the Swedish authority providing financial aid for studies.
Link to CSN

Study Counselling

Study Counsellors provide advice and guidance to prospective and admitted students. The Study councellors can be reached at studievagledning@bth.se or at School of Management, Lena Sellberg. Lenas mailaddress is lena.sellberg@bth.se

Degrees/Certificates - sida på engelska??

When you have successfully completed your degree/course, you may apply for a degree/course certificate . The site is in Swedish but you will find the documents in English.
Link to Degree/ Course Certificates

Students' Union Fees

Read more about the Students' Union fees at:
Link to the Students' Union at Blekinge Institute of Technology

Functional Disorders

Blekinge Institute of Technology strives to be an open institute, accessible to all. An essential part of this are various supportive measures for students with disabilities. For the moment there is no site in English, but it is under construction. Please contact Mariana Sahlström if needed at mariana.sahlstrom@bth.se


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