· Concepts in Online Studies

The following are a number of concepts you may well come into contact with during internet based studies.



software enabling access to the Internet, e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and so on


Learning Management System, learning platform, en application provided free of charge to students. The LMS is available via Internet and is used for online studies. There are a number of different LMS providers.

Similarities/differences - online study vs campus study

There are both similarities and differences between online and campus study. One huge difference is that contact with fellow students and with teachers are almost entirely virtual, i.e., via chat, discussion forums, email or similar. You will find further information under Advice for Online Study.

Online Studies

by this, we at Blekinge Institute of Technology mean courses or programmes which are run on some form of learning platform, via Internet.


SNH- Collaboration for higher education is a collaboration between Blekinge Institute of Technology, University of Gävle, Luleå University of Technology, Mid Sweden University and UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company). You will find further information on SNH´s website. Note that each course has different codes for applications to different universities .

Video Conference System

These are computer programmes which allow conferences via the internet with participants in different places. One example of such a system at BTH is Adobe Connect Pro. Ask about what systems are used in your course and how to get access to it/them.

Virtual Meeting Places

LMS, conference systems, and msn.com are all different examples of virtual meeting places, i.e., meeting places accessible via the internet, and where you can chat and confer with other people, sometimes using text, and sometimes with sound and picture (e.g. conference systems)

Where can I go to study?


The library may be an alternative place of study to your home if you lack the necessary computer capacity for the course you are interested in, or if you feel the need to have/create different spaces for study and leisure. Check what options are available at your local library.

Learning Centres

A learning centre may place computers and other technical resources at your disposal. Learning centres sometimes also provide further study support, för example information retrieval, technical support, etc... This means that even if your own computer cannot meet the technical requirements for your course, you can check whether it will be possible to take the course using a local learning centre. You can meet up physically with other students at learning centres too.
Link to Larcentra.se (information in Swedish)

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