· Written examinations off campus

In special cases, primarily for distance learning courses, students may be allowed to sit examinations off campus. In such cases, the following rules apply:

1. It is only permissable to sit such examinations at other Swedish universities, at learning centres affiliated to the Nitus network, at foreign universities who have partnership agreements with BTH, and at the premises of Swedish authorities abroad.

2. Any student who wishes to sit an examination at a different place from the given location is responsible himself/herself for contacting the university, learning centre or Swedish representatives abroad for permission to do so.

3. The student bears full responsibility for any cost incurred. BTH will not reimburse any expenditure, nor take any intermediary part in any transactions.

4. Requests to sit an examination at an alternative location must be made to the examination co-ordinator at least one week before the examination date.

5. A time difference of up to one hour from the appointed starting time at BTH may be granted. In cases where the examination is started earlier at the alternative location, then the student may not leave the examination room until 60 minutes after the appointed starting time at Blekinge Institute of Technology . Exceptions from rule 1, 2, 4 and 5 may be granted by the appointed examiner. In such cases the examiner is responsible for the administrative handling of the examination proceedings.

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