Advice to Online Students

Some good advice on distance learning online...

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  • General advice - Studying via the internet is not the same as studying on campus. The main difference is that the student has to work even more independently than the campus student. On the other hand, students are neither required nor expected to study completely alone. We use different tools to support and encourage cooperation (e.g. learning platforms). For more information on different internet resources see : "Information Retrieval Resources"
  • Independence - In all higher education it is you, the student, who has full responsibility for your own learning. In e-Learning studies there are no traditional lectures, seminars, teachers or fellow students to support and help you. Of course, lectures, seminars and group assignments may be a part of an e-learning course, but are very different to traditional teaching methods. Online studies presuppose an even greater measure of personal responsibility, calling for self-discipline and careful planning. You can always turn to your teacher for help and advice. Be sure to check exactly when your tutor is available for support. You will have a number of fellow students with whom you can communicate online. If you work together you may well find that you can solve problems and finish assignments that would have been very difficult to manage alone. By all means, take the initiative and form your own groups. You may even find that there are students who live close by, and can even meet up in person.
  • Time allowance - One week of full-time study on an online distance course is the equivalent of a 40-hour working week, exactly the same as for a campus course. On many courses, the work load may vary from week to week. It´s a good idea to make your own time plan at the start of the course, based on the course plan.
  • Support availability - Access to tutors/ instructors varies from course to course. Be sure to check support availability for your particular course. Learning platform support (It´s learning) is available Monday - Friday, 8.00 - 17.00 CET.
  • Motivation - It isn´t always easy to hold on to your motivation when studying alone. If you find yourself in that position, contact your tutor, fellow students, study counsellor or someone else who you trust and can reason with. One way of keeping up your motivation is to form spontaneous study groups where you can discuss, encourage and help eachother. You can contact fellow students via the learning platform (see Concepts in e-learning for more info) You can for example create a "private" discussion forum, to which only your group has access.



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