UNTIL : Use of new technics and IT in Libraries - development and education

Library project between blekinge institute of technology, kaliningrad state technical university and klaipeda college

The library at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) has for several years been engaged in international IT-projects directed at the Baltic states and the Kaliningrad Oblast. We have done international projects and educational efforts together with partners and collegues at Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU) and Klaipeda College (KAMM).

During these years of activity we have established good contacts with collegues and decisionmakers across the Baltic.

In the libraries at KSTU and KAMM there is an urgent need and interest for competence-reinforcement in the new techniques of the library-field. At the libraries of KSTU and KAMM access to the Internet is available. Unfortunately, there is a lack of competence and economic resources to use the internet as a potential for a more effective information retrieval and information dissemination process at the libraries and in the faculties.

During a trip to Kaliningrad (Earlier on similar contacts have been made with KAMM ) at the end of March this year, representatives from BTH (Peter Linde; Anne-Marie Pettersson) met with the director of the KSTU library (Nina Iljina, her staff and Anatoly Zagorodny, head of department for International Relations).

The discussions and contacts made were very positive and together we agreed on trying to formulate a project based on collegial relations – a project in wich professionals are sharing experiences and competence in order to strengthen a better informationsupply that in turn can lead education and science forward. This project should be founded as a network for cooperation between librarians, students and teachers in a region that need support for its development towards a stable democratic structure.

The problems we seek to solve with this project are identified both by the staff of KSTU and KAMM and can be concluded as follows:

  • Unsufficient access to scientific literature in Lithuanian, Russian and English
  • Lack of knowledge for teaching students and teachers how to find information on the Internet
  • Lack of experience of searching, validating and using information from the Internet
  • Need to share experiences, and get consultations from outside about library automation processes
  • Need to meet collegues, get ideas, inspiration, establish contacts

During our discussions we united around a projectframe in wich staff from BTH gives courses and consultations for a number of staff of the KSTU and the KAMM in methods for searching, validating, using and disseminating internetresources.

Courses of this type demands a certain standard of knowledge in english. At KAMM this is no problem but at the library of KSTU the level of speaking and reading english must be raised in order to start effective courses whitin the project. Therefore we must establish english education for the staff that are selected to participate in the project from KSTU. This can be done at KSTU using their own english teachers.


The main goals of the project are:

  • Preparing the staff of the library of KSTU with English courses that will enable them to appreciate and understand the information retrieval courses in Sweden
  • To give the staff at KAMM and KSTU competence to find, validate and distribute Internet resources to and for their customers.
  • To establish a network across the Baltic for librarians to share ideas and inspiration


The project will start in the fall of 2001 with English education for the staff of KSTU. This education will run for the full semester. This will be organised hointly buy KSTU and BTH.

In the spring of 2002 the courses in Karlskrona will start and run for 7 days. The course description is found in supplement 1.

The course includes tasks that must be done after the homecoming to the respective library. During the last part of the semester one representative from BTH goes to KSTU and to KAMM to give a followup course and to make an evaluation of the project together with all the participants. The evaluation will end the project in september 2002.


Project group members from Blekinge Institute of Technology

  • Anne-Marie Pettersson BTH
  • Peter Linde BTH
  • Jenny Löfkvist BTH
  • Eva Norling BTH
  • Kent Pettersson BTH
  • Eva Wernersson BTH

Project participants from Kaliningrad State Technical University (KSTU) and Klaipeda College (KAMM)

  • Alla Bezverkhova KSTU
  • Anna Romanova KSTU
  • Elena Antipina KSTU
  • Elena Zabolotnova KSTU
  • Galina Grebenyuk KSTU
  • Igor Emilianov RISS
  • Inesa Dulkiene KAMM
  • Inna Alexenko KSTU
  • Irina Golubeva KSTU
  • Lina Bamsaite KAMM
  • Lilia Trofimenko KSTU
  • Lyudmila Morgacheva KSTU
  • Marina Varenitsyna KSTU
  • Marina Prikhodko KSTU
  • Nina Iljina KSTU
  • Olga Mikhaylovskaya KSTU
  • Tatiana Kozubenko KSTU 



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