The organisers of the Libraries around the Baltic Seminar
held in Kaliningrad, Russia 27-28 September,
Proudly Presents
Pictures from The Event!

Dome of old Königsberg
Kant and a swedish fan

Ingrida and Inesa relaxing between presentations

The new church rising at the central square

Opening plenar session - Elena welcomes everybody
Keynote speaker Polnikova Ekaterina Mihajlovna
Scientific library of St.Petersburg State University

Organizer Elena Zabolotnova and international office director Anatoly Zagarodny listen carefully
Taking care of business!
The Auditorium day 1
The Auditorium day 2 - Still listening!
Peter presenting student thesis portal - Uppsök
Ulf lecturing
Irina Gromova talks about educational resources of KSU
Inna from Minsk National Library speaks about legal information dissemination

Ludmila on how to prepare students in KSTU Library
Inna Kornysheva, our technical wiz who also presented conversion issues at KSTU

Ulf and our interpreter Helen

Excursion to the Public library A.Chehova
Making contacts during the closing plenar
Eugenia at excursion at KSU
Interested delegates from Klaipeda and Minsk
Inna is ready to start!
Having a ball next to the Kings gate!

Guided tour around Kaliningrad - One stop was the Kings gate

Detail of the gate

Closing plenar. Thank you Elena and everybody that made our Kaliningrad seminar happen in such a friendly and professional athmosphere!