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General enquiries concerning the Seminars should be e-mailed to:
In Klaipeda:
Ingrida Jureviciute
In Kaliningrad:
Elena Zabolotnova

Two Great Seminars on
Libraries around the Baltic -

New Media and New Ideas

sponsored by:

The Swedish Institute

Project partners:

International Council for Computer Communication
Blekinge Institute of Technology

Klaipeda College Library

Kaliningrad State Technical University Library

Kaliningrad Public Library

Klaipeda Municipal Library

Countylibrary South East

Klaipeda College Library
Kaliningrad State Technical University Library
Kaliningrad Public Library
Klaipeda Public Library
Blekinge Institute of Technology Library
Countylibrary South East

Thanks to funding from The Swedish Institute we have the opportunity to organise and implement two major seminars/workshops – one in Klaipeda and one in Kaliningrad. Both events will be mainly organised by the local libraries with support from Karlskrona. The partners in Kaliningrad and Klaipeda will have the main responsibility for organisation and program planning.
The seminars will run for two days in every location – one seminar during spring 2005 and one during autumn of 2005.
20 persons from Klaipeda Libraries will be given the opportunity to visit the Kaliningrad Seminar. 30 persons from Kaliningrad libraries will be given the opportunity to visit the Klaipeda seminar. 3 persons from Sweden will be given the opportunity to visit each seminar.
Both seminars will have one day of presentations and lectures and one day of workshops/poster sessions. Preliminary subjects for the seminars: “Moving from card catalogue to digital catalogue – problems and solutions”; “Effective barcoding”; “Electronic publishing of student thesis”; Electronic publishing of scientific material”; “Teaching students and teachers information literacy”; How to find scientific material on the web”.
Preliminary subjects for the seminars are: “Essential photoshop”; “Using producer”; “Creating websites for libraries”; “Creating simple databases and publishing on the web”.

The aim of the seminars/workshop is to give librarians in the Kalinigrad Oblast and the Klaipeda area a chance to meet each other and to meet with Swedish colleagues. There is a need to discuss common problems and solutions and to inspire each other. The content of the seminars and workshop will be determined in detail mainly by the partners in Klaipeda /Kaliningrad. Our aim is to engage one expert lecturer from Sweden, one from Russia and one from Lithuania for each and every seminar. Working title for the seminars is: “The library and the new media”.
Our target group is all libraries and librarians in the Klaipeda and Kaliningra region.
We are applying for funding for lecturers and program participants travel costs and subsistence.
There will be no entrance fee for the seminars. They will be free of charge. The organisations behind this application will cover the cost for use of premises and cost of staff time.

The seminars will be organised by creating organising- and programme committees in Kaliningrad and Klaipeda. These will organise the event, marketing, program etc. In these committees representatives for the partners will be active.
We are aiming for 100 participants at each place.
During the days of the seminars there will be parallel to the lectures and workshops, possibilities to visit each others libraries in order to inspire each other and start discussions. The target group for the project is librarians and information specialists in the Klaipeda/Kaliningrad region. Both public librarians and university librarians are targeted.
We are applying for financial means to cover the travel-, lodging- and subsistence costs of the participants and the lecturers.
There will be No fee for participating in the seminars. Anybody can participate.
Conference language in Klaipeda will be Russian/Lithuanian. Presentations in English and russian will not be translated.
Conference language in Kaliningrad will be Russian. Presentations in English and Lithuanian will not be translated.
All workshops will be held in Russian and Lithuanian languages.