Intelligent Truck Parking (ITP) is one of the six prioritized actions in the ITS Directive. It is also a service that have been highlighted in the ITS Action Plan and as well in EasyWay. The project will, based on the Directive and the Deployment Guidelines from EasyWay, identify and define technical solutions, standards and systems to create information and booking systems for Intelligent Truck Parking. The project will identify the specific need for intelligent truck parking with respect to payment, booking, and information to truck driver and truck operator. The work will also include identify the need of ICT infrastructure and map out different platforms and the functionalities that is needed. The project will also include one part that will take information security aspects into considerations. The project will identify extensions towards virtual and temporary intelligent truck parking systems. 

The last part of the project will be scenario based analysts were two different aspects will be analysed.

The objective of the project is to identify and evaluate different solutions for Intelligent Truck Parking. Intelligent Truck Parking will contribute with new solutions to get more efficient freight transports. It will also create the possibility to get a better management of freight transports.

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