About BESQ+

BESQ+ is positioned as a research project within the School of Computing. Prof Claes Wohlin is the BESQ+ director, including both administrative and scientific responsibility. Prof Lars Lundberg is the vice BESQ+ director.

BESQ+ involves two research groups/labs (SERL - Software Engineering Research Lab and CCS-Iab - Communication and Computer Systems Lab). Researchers connected to SERL conduct a majority of the research and a smaller part of the research is conducted at CCS.

BESQ+ leverages on the strong network and collaborations that exist within the research environment. BESQ+ leverages from the industrial advisory board connected to BESQ RC. The industrial partners are continuously involved in problem formulations, research and evaluation of the research.

BESQ+ is funded by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation.

Industry partners

  • BAE Systems Hägglunds
  • Ericsson
  • IBM
  • Qtema
  • Ricksell Innovation
  • Sauer Danfoss
  • ST-Ericsson



Funding Agency

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