Research focus - Software Quality

Software is all around us, in everything from aeroplanes to mobile phones. This places high demands on quality. Considering the complexity involved, it is actually stranger that a computer program works than that the program freezes. This poses great challenges for both industry and research. At Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) you find Sweden's leading research center focusing on industrial software development.

Download the pamphlet "Programvarukvalitet - i fokus på BTH" for a Swedish summary of the research focus of BESQ Research Center.

Software development with an engineering perspective  

BESQ (Blekinge Engineering Software Qualities) is a research center at BTH that concentrates on the development of software intensive systems, where quality is in focus. The objective for the whole research environment it to place itself on the world map, and the vision is "Quality Software for Everyone". Software development includes not only programming but also working methods and management. It is important to create the correct functionality and quality in relation to cost and time for development.

- "Our strength is that we offer an accumulated competence combined with breadth and depth, regarding both expertise and different application areas. The result is an overall solution where the challenge for us is to achieve a high industrial impact at the same time as we deliver high academic quality", says Professor Claes Wohlin.

Objectives based on needs

BTH's research is naturally connected to the needs of industry and the marketplace. With cutting edge knowledge and a focus on software engineering, multiprocessor systems, intelligent systems, security and use-orientation, we aim for these four overall objectives:

  1. Value-based software development and improved customer value. How to create value for the customer?
  2. Strategic software development. How to create unique customer solutions from one and the same product?
  3. Increased productivity and quality in software development. How to improve the development process?

  4. Sustainable and intelligent software systems. How to build maintainable and intelligent software systems?

Return on investment

Many years of close cooperation with industry has led to excellent results. Several collaboration parthers have achieved an improved profitability and a good return on investment from the cooperation with BESQ.



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