Welcome to Communication and Computer
Systems Research Laboratory, CCS

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A brief introduction to our group and what we are working with


The CCS research group is conducting research in computer and communication systems. The communication research has a strong bias towards Networks of the Future, particularly the future Internet, and focuses on the areas seamless communications, service and network performance, network security and distributed systems for multimedia.

In computer systems we look at (parallel and distributed) real-time systems and multicore systems. In real-time systems we look at both theoretical scheduling algorithms and performance bounds on NP-hard resource and scheduling problems. The multicore research has two main focus areas: parallel computer architectures and parallel software for multicore processors

CCS is also active in the ongoing EU ICT FP7 Work Programme R&D challenges related to Pervasive and Trustworthy Network and Services Infrastructures. Development of software-intensive socio-technical systems for critical society applications has been in focus for our group for almost two decades.






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