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In order to make business- and mission-critical services ´always best connected´, optimal decisions about which mobile, wireless or fixed network resources to be used for a certain service in a specific location and situation are required. Following the motto ´you cannot control what you cannot measure´, we propose the exploitation of monitoring information for visualising quality problems, predicting trends, improving network selection algorithms and finally enabling a dependable delivery of mobile services. To this aim, the monitoring capabilities of Network Selection Box developed in the project ´PIITSA´ will be augmented and the related statistics stored for purposes of visualisation and research. We will also ally with European projects and research networks. A test-bed and demonstration facility will be established in order to display end-user-related quality information and to serve as a validation facility for improved monitoring and control algorithms. The project will investigate the commercialisation potential of its results.

For more information please contact Patrik Arlos.

This Project is sponsored by VINNOVA (Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems) .

Partner in the project are info24


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