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The INTEGRAL project is a European project under the 6th Framework programme, which has started at 1.11.2007.

The project will run for a period of 3 years and has a total budget of 5,3 M€. The EU funding equals 2,6 M€.

The project has 9 partners, from The Netherlands, France, Greece, Spain and Sweden, that will jointly:

- Develop an industry-quality reference ICT-platform for Distributed Control in Electricity Grids at aggregated levels in the electricity grid, based on commonly available ICT components, standards, and platforms:

- Demonstrate the technology in 3 different field tests under normal, critical and emergency conditions

- Evaluate lessons learned and provide practical industrial guidelines for integrated distributed control


For more information of the project and the participants please visit the official web page. Follow the link  or click at the picture above.

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