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Quality of Experience Based Cross-Layer Optimization of Mobile Streaming Ondemand


The project Quality of Experience (QoE) based cross-layer optimization of mobile streaming on-demand targets methodologies and technologies for jointly analyzing, adopting, and optimizing system quality using generic key quality indicators. The many benefits of our novel approaches over traditional concepts will reach from efficient service processing techniques over advanced real-time scheduling algorithms, to networking and service level management techniques. This will lead to better service quality and resource utilization in mobile streaming on-demand systems. The industrial relevance of the proposed research is clearly seen by the partner companies (Sony Ericsson, WIP). Both companies span over the whole range of industrial expertise needed in the project, namely, covering application and terminal side, application and server side, networking and service level management, as well as platform and equipment development. Also, a mobile streaming on-demand showcase within WIP's application portfolio is planned in the area of mobile health, which will link all project partners and provide external visibility of the project. The project steering board consisting of the senior researchers of the group at BTH and one representative of each company will meet quarterly to assess outcomes and to direct the work towards the project plan. The interdisciplinary nature of the project links three departments at BTH, indicating strong alignment with the institutes' strategic direction towards applied IT, sustainability supported through mobile health and innovation by including QoE paradigms non-intrusively into existing systems. Accordingly, this research project is aligned towards the vision of BTH as phrased in ProVision, the recently established KK environment at BTH.

Project duration: 2009-10-01 -- 2012-09-30

Project leader: Docent Markus Fiedler, School of Computing, markus.fiedler@bth.se,
Tel. +46 455 385653 



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