Markus Fiedler

Picture of Markus FiedlerMarkus Fiedler received his doctoral degree in electrical engineering/ICT from Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany, in 1998. Since then, he has been with Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden. He has been holding the Docent degree in telecommunication systems since 2006. Being an Associate Professor within the School of Computing (COM) at BTH, he performs and supervises research on Quality of Experience (QoE); seamless communications; network virtualization; service chains; and Networks of the Future (NF). He is leading and participating in several national and European projects. He is serving on the Steering Board of the European Network of Excellence Euro-NF and coordinating its research activities. In 2010, he became "Researcher of the Year" at BTH. Within the area of QoE, he is particularly interested in the effects from insufficient network-level Quality of Service (QoS), for instance on user waiting times and patience.

Contact: markus.fiedler@bth.se

Katrien de Moor

Picture of Katrien de MoorKatrien De Moor holds a Master degree in Communication Sciences from Ghent University (2005). After an internship at the research-department of MTV Networks, she joined the Research Group for Media and ICT (www.mict.be), which is part of IBBT (www.ibbt.be). Katrien has been involved in several interdisciplinary research projects. Her main focus is on the evaluation and measurement of Quality of Experience and User Experience, especially in the context of mobile media and from an interdisciplinary perspective. Katrien is also involved in user-driven innovation research in living lab settings and in research on innovation foresight. She is working on a Ph.D which focuses on the understanding and evaluation of (the quality of) users' experiences with ICTs.

Contact: KatrienR.DeMoor@UGent.be


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