New Agreements signed with indian university (Feb 2011)

A delegation lead by Vice-Chancellor Ursula Hass visited India and three of the Institute's partner universities in Andhra Pradesh in the beginning of February 2011. A student recruitment agreement was signed with Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada.
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COM signed a historical contract (Oct 2010)

The first contract for BTH and the School of computing to receive paying students has been signed with the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) in Hyderabad.

Representatives from JNTU and BTH

On a ceremony in Hyderabad, India on September 21st the BTH Vice Chancellor Ursula Hass and Vice Chancellor at JNTU, D.N. Reddy signed a contract for an integrated double-degree, 5-year master program.

The master program is specialized within Computer science, Software engineering and Telecommunications system, i.e. areas where BTH has excellent competence.
The contract is for 45 students and BTH will get full economical coverage for the teaching of these students. All seats have already been filled and the students will start this autumn with 3,5 years in India and will end the program at BTH with another 1,5 years.

The strategic work with exchange of knowledge between the collaborators and the group of executives at the universities is contributing to keep up good educational quality.
Next step of co-operation is to extend the exchange of knowledge between teachers, administrative staff, researchers and research project and to jointly develop new programmes.

More than 300 students applied to the seats and the admitted students managed to achieve 90 per cent or more in the entrance tests which grants for very qualified students.

A warm welcoming Candle light ceremony Admitted students with families K.C. Reddy and U. Hass 
Signing of contract 
 Visit at Minister of higher education 


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