Contacting me for potential supervision

If you are considering asking me to supervise you for your MSc thesis, please bear the following facts in mind.

  • I expect you to be independent, and to take responsibility for your own thesis. 
  • I will not hold your hand through the thesis. This is your thesis, not mine. 
  • I expect you have your own ideas and research, and your own thoughts on how to pursue them.
  • I do not supervise pure literature surveys.
  • If you want to talk to me about supervising you, send an email where you describe your research interests, and a little about yourself. Don't just send blanket statements regarding wanting me as a supervisor.

Project ideas

What follows are a list of potential projects in fields that are of personal interest to me. It is more likely that I will accept you as an MSc student if you are interested in working in these fields.

  1. Evaluating erasure coding schemes for distributed storage.

Miscellaneous notes regarding your thesis

Notes on thesis review process and thesis.

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