Privacy -Invasive Software

Technology has revolutionized the way we collect and process information. With the help of information technology it is possible to accumulate huge data quantities for later use. The fact that information (such as user interests) creates value to advertisers has given rise to a parasitic market, focusing on information theft. Software vendors take advantage of these achievements based on questionable commercial incentives when creating and distributing software such as spyware and adware. Throughout my research I group such software together under the term privacy-invasive software (PIS).

We investigate the behaviours and properties of PIS, e.g. what threat they pose towards users, and what different types of countermeasures that exist against them. We also analyse various methods to use when locating and investigating such software on computer systems. In addition to this we suggest preventive mechanisms that safeguard users' right to make informed decisions about what software that is allowed to enter their system.


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