Finished Master Theses

Below is a list of finished master theses in Computer Science supervised by members of the DISL research group. Most theses can be found in the "Bachelor/Master theses archive" at Blekinge Institute of Technology Arkiv EX. 

2012 / 2011 / 2010 / 2009 / 2008 / 2007 / 2006 / 2005 / 2004 / 2003 / 2002


Eva García Martín, "Hashtags and Followers: An Experimental Study of the Online Social Network Twitter," Advisors: Niklas Lavesson and Mina Doroud



Ayne Assegahegne Beyene and Tewelle Welemariam, "Concept Drift in Surgery Prediction," Advisors: Marie Persson and Niklas Lavesson

Samira Kazemi and Shahrooz Abghari, "Open Data for Anomaly Detection in Maritime Surveillance," Advisors: Henric Johnson and Niklas Lavesson

Shaliz Rezaee, "E-mail Prioritization through Social Network Analysis," Advisor: Niklas Lavesson.


Victor Castano, "A Framework for an Intelligent and Adaptive Planning of Rehabilitation Therapies", BTH advisor: Niklas Lavesson (main supervisor: Dr. Ricardo Imbert at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid) - Awarded Telecom City Best Master's Thesis Prize.


Hiva Allahyari, "On the Concept of Understandability As a Property of Data Mining Quality", Advisor: Niklas Lavesson.

Waqar Ahmad and Asim Riaz, "Predicting Friendship Levels in Online Social Networks", Advisors: Henric Johnson and Niklas Lavesson.

Daniel Slat and Mikael Hellborg Lapajne, "Random Forests for CUDA GPUs", Advisors: Håkan Grahn and Niklas Lavesson.

Philip Baback Alipour and Muhammad Ali, "An Introduction and Evaluation of a Lossless Fuzzy Binary AND/OR Compressor", Advisor Niklas Lavesson.


Cong Hoan Vu and Adeyinka Soneye, "An Analysis of Collaborative Attacks on Mobile Ad hoc Networks", Advisor: Niklas Lavesson

Raja M. Khurram Shahzad and Syed Imran Haider, "Detection of Spyware by Mining Executable Files", Advisor: Niklas Lavesson

Muhammad Usman Rashid and Garapati Balakrishna, "Prevention of Spyware by Runtime Classification of End User License Agreements", Advisor: Niklas Lavesson

Junaid Naseem, Wasim Tahir, "Study and analysis of the challenges and guidelines of transitioning from waterfall development model to Scrum", Advisor: Bengt Carlsson

Kalyani Chalamalasetty, "Architecture for IMS Security to Mobile:Focusing on Artificial Immune System and Mobile Agents Integration", Advisor: Bengt Carlsson

Waqas Mahmood, Muhammad Faheem Akhtar, "Validation of Machine Learning and Visualization based Static Code Analysis Technique", Advisor: Stefan Axelsson

Ali Awais Syed, Jan Milants, "Agent baserad simulering för C-AGVs vid Intermodal Terminal", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Amer Rasheed, Muhammad Mustansar Ali Khan, "Dispatching strategies to evaluate performance for automated guided vehicles in the transport of containers", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Syed Mehr Ali shah, "Usability assessment Method of the open source applications Case Study of OpenOffice.Org 3.0", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Serkan Güneş, "Investment and Financial Forecasting - A Data Mining Approach on Port Industry", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Rizwan Rashid, Babur Kaleem, "Evaluating Layouts for Automated Transport System using Simulation Approach", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Muhammad Saeed, Sami Ullah, "Usability Evaluation of a Health Web Portal", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Yasir Ayub, Usman Faruki, "Container Terminal Operations Modeling through Multi agent based Simulation", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Omar Al Homaidi, "Data Remanence: Secure Deletion of Data in SSDs", Advisor: Martin Boldt


Fahad Khalid, "Measure-based Learning Algorithms: An Analysis of Back-propagated Neural Networks", Advisor: Niklas Lavesson

Redha Cherif. "Software Process Simulation Modelling: A Multi Agent-Based Simulation Approach", Advisor: Paul Davidsson

Maria Perez, "Electronic Contracting for Inter-Enterprise Collaboration", Advisor: Paul Davidsson

Muhammad Omair, "Challenges in understanding software requirements in agile based offshore development", Advisor: Bengt Carlsson

Denis Kacan, Darius Sidlauskas, "Information Visualization and Machine Learning Applied on Static Code Analysis", Advisor: Stefan Axelsson

Osama Adnan Ghaffari Khan, "Analysis and Scheduling of machinery in an Intermodal Terminal by using the OSPF Concept", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Syed Sikandar Bakht, Qazi Sohail Ahmad, "A Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal Management", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Diego Santamaría, Álvaro de Ramón,"Data Mining Web-Tool Prototype Using Monte Carlo Simulations", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Waqas Malik, "Visual Semantic Web.Ontology based E-learning management system", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Yassar Aziz, Muhammad Naeem Aslam, "Traffic Engineering with Multi-Protocol Label Switching, Performance Comparison with IP networks", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Muhammad Salman khan and Muhammad Arif Raza Mir, "An Ontology for Match-Making in Plug and Play Business Software Platform", Advisor: Jan Persson

Samuel Ivarsson, "Mobile payment with customer controlled connection - Can it be constructed to be safe enough?", Advisor: Martin Boldt

Jens Olsson, "Digital Evidence with Emphasis on Time", Advisor: Martin Boldt


Dariusz Matyja, "Applications of Data Mining Algorithms to Analysis of Medical Data", Advisor: Niklas Lavesson.

Kamila Aftarczuk, "Evaluation of Selected Data Mining Algorithms Implemented in Medical Decision Support Systems", Advisor: Niklas Lavesson

Michal Marcinczuk, "Pattern Acquisition Methods for Information Extraction Systems", Advisor: Niklas Lavesson.

Muh Patrick Tatambunkah, "Strategies for Improving the Performance of Intermodal Line Train Cargo Systems", Advisor: Jan A. Persson.

Gideon Mbiydzenyuy, "An Optimisation Model for Sea Port Equipment Configuration", Advisors: Jan A. Persson, Lawrence Henesey.

Arvind Dathathri, Jules Lazare Atangana, "Countering Privacy-Invasive Software (PIS) by End User License Agreement Analysis", Advisors: Bengt Carlsson, Martin Boldt

Ge Zhang, "Denial of Service on SIP VoIP infrastructures using DNS flooding", Advisor: Bengt Carlsson

Musharrif Hussain, Sulman Mahmood, "Secure Software and Communication on Handheld Devices", Advisors: Bengt Carlsson, Markus Fiedler

Tobias Larsson, Niklas Lindén, "Blocking Privacy-Invasive Software Using a Specialized Reputation System", Advisor: Martin Boldt, Bengt Carlsson

Syed Rizwan Ahmed, "Secure Software Development - Identification of Security Activities and Their Integration in Software Development Lifecycle", Advisor Bengt Carlsson

Salman Majeed, "Evaluation of Collaborative Reputation System against Privacy-Invasive Software", Advisors: Martin Boldt, Bengt Carlsson

Carla Gili, Estefanía Soler, "Comparison and Evaluation of Different Types of Vehicles to Transport Containers within an Intermodal Terminal", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Jean-Yves Yamben, "Intelligent decision support system for transport infrastructure investment with emphasis on joint logistic", Advisors: Jan persson, Linda Ramstedt

Farash Roomi, "Multi Agent Systems and Web Services - Adaptive Workflow in E-Commerce", Advisor: Linda Ramstedt

Anders Persson, "Exploring Phishing Attacks and Countermeasures", Advisor: Martin Boldt


Emmanuel Sohier. "Modelling a Complex Production Scheduling Problem - Optimization Techniques". Advisor: Jan A Persson.

Muhammad Tariq Mahmood. "Face Detection by Image Discriminating", Advisors: Rune Gustavsson, Niklas Lavesson.

Katarzyna Musial. "Recommendation system for online social network", Advisor: Paul Davidsson

Roy Martinsson, "Software Vulnerability Assessment - local search methods", Advisor: Bengt Carlsson

Olof Persson, Patrik Kosowski, "Development and evaluation of dispatching strategies for the IPSI™ AGV system", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Syed Sikandar Bakht, Qazi Sohail Ahmad, "A Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal Management", Advisor: Larry Henesey

Andreas Areskoug, "Comparison of J2EE and .NET from a Web Services point of view", Advisor: Fredrik Wernstedt


Fredrik Olsson. "A Multi-Agent System for playing the board game Risk". Advisor: Stefan Johansson.

Johan Persson. "Improvement of Estimated Time of Arrival for Railroad Traffic". Advisors: Johanna Törnqvist, Paul Davidsson.

Martin Hammarberg, Martin Eriksson. "Laptop Computer Security - Threats and Solutions in Enterprise environments". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Aron Kelemen, Martin Skjaeraasen. "Client side e-mail security in Microsoft Outlook ® 2003". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Anders Olsson, Daniel Andersson. "Software security in a small company - what affects the security". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Fredrik Elfvenstam, Oskar Johansson. "Security awareness in software development – Focusing on the development parse of Swedish software". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Jim Kangerud. "Sensor Fusion - Applying sensor fusion in a district heating substation". Advisor: Fredrik Wernstedt.

Pheter Stål, Tobias Bergman. "Evaluation of Windows Smartcard solution". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Pierre Börjesson, Thomas Davidsson. "Platform Security - A closer look at Sun Solaris 9". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Camrie Agushi. "Innovation within Digital Rights Management". Advisor: Andreas Jacobsson.

Mathias Börjesson, Andreas Mattisson. "Distributed exploration of virtual environments. A game based approach." Advisor: Stefan Johansson.


Henrik Rendlo, Daniel Åkerud. "Natural Language Processing - from a Software Engineering Perspective". Advisor: Stefan Johansson.

Anders Liljedal. "Evaluation of Multi-Agent Platforms for Ubiquitous Computing". Advisor: Fredrik Wernstedt.

Viktor Allblom. "Evaluating Agent Strategies for the TAC Supply Chain Management Competition". Advisor: Paul Davidsson.

Fredrik Henricsson, Jörgen Nilsson. "Evaluation of Techniques for Merging Information from Distributed Robots into a Shared World Model". Advisor: Stefan Johansson.

Fredrik Håård. "Multi-Agent Diplomacy. Tactical Planning using Cooperative Distributed Problem Solving". Advisor: Stefan Johansson.

Robert Karlsson, Aron Rydquist. "HAVECA-modellen - En metod för att fortlöpande säkra ett internt nätverk mot tredjepart". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Thomas Larsson, Emma Hessbo. "Risk analysis Methods". Advisor: Andreas Jacobsson.

Johan Bergstrand, Fredrik Bergstrand, Håkan Gunnarsson. "Localization of Spyware in Windows Environments". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Johan Ström, Christian Andersson. "Privacy and Anonymity on the Internet". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Josephine Larsson, Ida Waller. "IP-telephony - Future investment or risk assessment". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Daniel Persson, Dejan Baca. "Software Security Analysis - Managing source code audit". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Elina Larsson, Michael Olin. "ISIT-modellen - En vägledning för att realisera en verksamhets informationssäkerhetsmål". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Gustav Utterback, Johan Weber. "Virus Analysis in a Secure Environment". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.

Fredrik Nikander. "Proposal System development - A Method Establishing the Requirements to Secure Software". Advisor: Bengt Carlsson.


Henric Fransson. "AgentChess - An Agent Chess Approach". Advisor: Stefan Johansson.

Johan W Andersson, Fredrik Olofsson. "Human-like behaviour in real-time strategy games: An experiment with genetic algorithms". Advisor: Stefan Johansson.

Christian Johansson,  Gustav  Evertsson. "Optimizing Genetic Algorithms for Time Critical Problems". Advisor: Stefan Johansson.

Johan Hagelbäck, Kenny Svensson. "Locating transmembrane domains in protein sequences". Advisor: Paul Davidsson.

Gustav Nordenskjöld, Harm Andries Kingma. "Software Process Improvement Using Groupware - supporting distributed cooperation in Software Development". Advisors: Stefan Johansson, Yvonne Dittrich.

Niklas Lavesson. "Evaluation of classifier performance and the impact of learning algorithm parameters". Advisor: Paul Davidsson.

Markus Bergkvist, Tobias Olandersson. "Machine learning in simulated RoboCup - Optimizing the decisions of an Electric Field Agent". Advisor: Stefan Johansson.

Mattias Sjöberg, Johan Sturesson. "Situation assessment and role selection in the simulated RoboCup Domain". Advisor: Stefan Johansson.

Ted Samuelsson. "Integrating actions of perception to the electric field approach". Advisor: Stefan Johansson.

Raheel Ahmad. "On the Scalability of Four Multi-Agent Architectures for Load Control Management in Intelligent Networks". Advisor: Paul Davidsson.

Christian Ewö. "A Machine learning approach - in financial markets". Advisor: Paul Davidsson.

Sandra Olandersson. "Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification of Protein Sequences". Advisor: Paul Davidsson.

Anatoly Chervyakov. "Simulation based evaluation of berth allocation policies of container terminals". Advisor: Paul Davidsson.

Vendela Normark, "SharkNet - Cooperation with service providers outside the secure infrastructure", Advisors: Per Mellstrand, Bengt Carlsson

Martin Kling, "Unsecured sessions with ICQ - applying forensic computing", Advisor: Bengt Carlsson

Martin Boldt, Johan Wieslander, "Investigating Spyware in Peer-to-Peer Tools", Advisor: Bengt Carlsson

Annicka Gunnarsson, Siri Ekberg, "Invasion of Privacy: Spam - one result of bad privacy protection", Advisor: Bengt Carlsson

Christian Johansson, "Computer Forensic Text Analysis with Open Source Software", Advisor: Bengt Carlsson


David Johansson, Daniel Lehtovirta. "Performance-oriented vs. Maintainability-oriented Implementation: A case study of the reactive planner of team Sweden". Advisor: Stefan Johansson.

Björn Törnqvist, Christian Seger. "Linear Quasi Anticipation - An Evaluation in Real Time Domains". Advisor: Paul Davidsson.

Martin Kristell. "Managing network loads with agent technology". Advisors: Paul Davidsson and Stefan Johansson.


  Denial of Service on SIP VoIP infrastructures using DNS flooding
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