Intelligent Buildings

Project goals: to develop agent-based approaches to distributed monitoring and control of office buildings. The objectives are both energy saving and increasing customer satisfaction through value added services.

Partners: Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), Royal Institute of Technology

Duration: 1997-2005

Financing: EnerSearch (1997-2000), Blekinge Institute of Technology

Researchers: Paul Davidsson

Selected publications:

Paul Davidsson and Magnus Boman, Distributed Monitoring and Control of Office Buildings by Embedded Agents, Information Sciences, Vol. 171(4), Elsevier, 2005.


Paul Davidsson and Magnus Boman, Saving Energy and Providing Value Added Services in Intelligent Buildings: A MAS approach, In Agent Systems, Mobile Agents, and Applications (LNCS Vol. 1882), Springer Verlag, 2000.


Paul Davidsson and Magnus Boman, A Multi-Agent System for Controlling Intelligent Buildings, In Fourth International Conference on Multi-Agent Systems (ICMAS '2000), IEEE, 2000.


Magnus Boman, Paul Davidsson, and Håkan L. Younes, Artificial Decision Making under Uncertainty in Intelligent Buildings, In Fifteenth Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, pages 65-70, Morgan Kaufmann, 1999.


Paul Davidsson and Magnus Boman, Energy Saving and Value Added Sevices: Controlling Intelligent Buildings Using a Multi-Agent Systems Approach, In DA/DSM Europe DistribuTECH, PennWell, 1998.

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