Research projects

Ongoing projects - Applied research

  • BESQ+
    Funding organization: KK-foundation
    Time period: 2011-2013
    Contact person: Claes Wohlin (main project leader)
    DISL staff: David Erman, Håkan Grahn, Andrew Moss
  • Computer-aided Support for Knowledge Improvement Concerning Serial Burglaries
    European Regional Development Fund

    Contact person: Niklas Lavesson
    DISL Staff: Niklas Lavesson, Martin Boldt, Anton Borg
    f: Håkan Grahn, Jan Kasper Martin
  • Prototype development of an anomaly based detector for maritime surveillance
    Contact person: Stefan Axelsson
    DISL Staff: Stefan Axelsson, Bengt Karlsson, Ewa Osekowska, Henric Johnson


Ongoing projects - Basic research

  • Analysis and Improvement of Random Forests
    Funded by BTH
    Contact person: Niklas Lavesson
    Staff: Niklas Lavesson, Andrew Moss

Previous projects

  • Metaphysics of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
  • Mobile Pipelines
  • Mobile IT on the road
  • Modeling of Surgery Indicators by Mining Hospital Data
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