Pre conference wednesday 12th june



The future of e-publishing: an introduction to Open Journal Systems & Open Monograph Press

Public Knowledge Project, Simon Fraser University Library

12.00 Lunch

13.00 - ca. 17.30 The future of e-publishing: an introduction to Open Journal Systems & Open Monograph Press

Scholarly publishing is undergoing unprecedented change. Open access is changing the rules for how libraries acquire content and how users access research findings. Web 2.0 has changed internet culture from one of mere consumption to one of creation. Open source software is putting free tools for creation into the hands of almost anyone wishing to get involved. The past 10 years have witnessed the rise of the independent scholar-publishers, faculty members who are leaders in their respective research or teaching fields, looking to avoid the traditional model of commercial publishing in favour of something more grassroots and community-based. They are starting their own online journals, either for research or teaching, allowing authors to retain copyright, sharing their content through open access policies, and inviting the world to participate.

Since 1998, the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) has been building free, Open Source software publishing platforms that provide an alternative to commercial and subscription-based options for scholarly communication. This half day introduction will provide an overview of PKP and its open source publishing software development projects, with a particular focus on Open Journal Systems (OJS) and the Open Monograph Press (OMP).  The program will include an introduction to some of the new directions that PKP is taking, such as the development of a common PKP Web Application Library, the inclusion of various Web 2.0 technologies and social components in OMP, integration with other web publishing applications such as Wordpress and Drupal, and the focus on bringing all of this back into OJS 3.0.

We will also take a closer, hands-on look at OMP, a software platform designed for managing the editorial workflow required to see monographs, edited volumes, and scholarly editions through internal and external review, editing, cataloguing, production, and publication. OMP operates, as well, as a press website with catalog, distribution, and sales capacities. As a group we will create a press website, submit a book proposal, and eventually "publish" a book.

We will be using a live demo of OMP: bringing a laptop is encouraged. Also, our aim is not to simply present PKP´s new directions and software, but to engage in a discussion with you about the present and future of online scholarly publication -- active participation via questions, comments, experiences and insights is more than welcome.


We look forward to seeing you in Karlskrona!






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