Welcome to the School of Computing as
Erasmus student

Welcome to BTH and the School of Computing. This guide contains a lot of important information and we hope that it will help you during your time as a Erasmus student at BTH.

General information

These subjects are represented within the section School of Computing:

  • Software engineering
  • IT-security
  • Telecommunication
  • Electrical engineering


The autumn semester generally starts the last week of August/first week of September and ends during the second week of January. The spring semester generally starts the third week of January and ends first week of June.

The student help desk and erasmus coordinator

For general questions about programs, courses, registrations and so forth, you are most welcome to visit the student help desk. We will do everything we can to help you and we can always advice you about who to talk to. This is also where you go to review and receive your graded examinations. For opening hours, click the link in the left hand column.
Questions about erasmus studies are sent to exchangestudies@bth.se.

About our Courses

Almost all our courses are part time studies. In practice this means that you normally study two courses in parallel at the same time. Below we have collected the information about our different courses and how to apply and register to them.

Courses available for Erasmus students Autumn 2011 & Spring 2012


Handbook for studies

Information regarding your program or separate courses and study results can be found gathering under the student portal: http://www.bth.se/studentportal

Course syllabus

All courses must have a syllabus. This is a formal document that describes the course, it´s purpose, content
and examination. Course syllabuses can be found at:

Learning platform - Its Learning

All material and information for each courses is available on the learning platform: It is called: ItsLearning and can be found by following this link: https://www.bth.se/lms . ItsLearning is a common platform for Blekinge Institute of Technology where each course has it´s own homepage. This is also the place where much of communication with the teacher and the other students takes place.

More information about ItsLearning and how to log in to ItsLearning: http://www.bth.se/eng/current-students.nsf/pages/its-learning

Course Registration

It is important that you register for a course since the registration entitles you to attend the examination.
Please follow the instructions found at: http://www.bth.se/eng/current-students.nsf/pages/register

If you have not finalized a course

To be allowed to finalize a course at a later date, to attend the course and take part in the exam, you will need to be re‐registered. There is no guarantee that it will be possible to attend a course at a later date, but you are welcome as far as the course limit allows. Contact the student help desk for support regarding this matter.

Rules for examination

As a new student you are expected to be familiar with the exam rules that are applicable for Blekinge Institute of Technology. For updated information please read the Exam rules at: http://www.bth.se/eng/current-students.nsf/pages/examination

Important information

All exams start exactly on the specified hour and there are no academic quarter hours concerning the
starting time for the examination. You can arrive later within an hour from start time but you will not
achieve any extra time. You will not be allowed to participate if you arrive more than 60 minutes from the start.


To be allowed to participate in the examination you must bring both your ID (photo) and student union
ID. If you do not bring your photo ID you will not be allowed to participate. If you do not bring your student union ID you must visit the student help desk within one week from the date of the examination or your exam will not be marked.


If you do not pass the exam it will be possible to be re‐examined. Note that it is not permitted to re‐do an examination in order to improve your result. You receive your marked exam from the student help desk.
After you have read through the exam and accepted the marking you must sign the front page of the exam, and leave that at the student help desk. Then you can take your exam with you.
Result available from the student portal You can see your results and registrations in the student portal. Observe that included credit points and the results of overseas studies are not available in the student portal. You will receive a mail when a result
is registered in LADOK with information about the kind of information that has been added.

Issues or questions regarding you studies?

There are student guidance officers available at all campuses within Blekinge Institute of Technology.
They can help you if you are stuck in your studies or if you have questions related to study intermission, change of program, examinee or other questions concerning your studies. The easiest way to contact them is by calling the operator: 0457‐38 50 00 and asking for the student guidance officer.
The school health service is also available to support you during your study period. They can help you get in touch with the school nurse, counselor or school chaplain. See more information in the left menu at; http://www.bth.se/eng/student/

student union membership

Questions regarding the subscription fee, delayed or default of payment must posed directly to the Student union. Information about the student union is available at: www.bthstudent.se/
Click on the English flag in the upper right corner for an English version.


We recommend that you look for the information you need by searching within our web pages. You will probably find the answer much faster than waiting for opening and phone hours.

General information

The links below contain short cuts to information such as semester periods, rules, forms, information
about the kind of courses that are available. LADOK information about you, such as addresses and phone numbers can easily be changed by you.

Some links

Course Schedules

Courses available for Erasmus students Autumn 2012 & Spring 2013

Courses available for Erasmus students Autumn 2011 & Spring 2012

Courses available for Erasmus students Autumn 2010 & Spring 2011

Information for current students at BTH: http://www.bth.se/eng/current-students.nsf/pages/current-students

For Erasmus students at International office: International Office Erasmus

Course Registration Form (pdf, 190 KB)

Information about this section: www.bth.se/com
BTH:s common learning platform: https://www.bth.se/lms


Principles for BTH´s e‐mail addresses are:

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