Serious games for healthy living

Serious Games for Healthy Living - in Swedish Spel+Hälsa=SANT! - is not so much a project as it is a framework/motivating vision concerning research on and user-driven development of serious games for health and habilitation/ rehabilitation. The research and development involved is located in the overlap between Interaction Design, Serious Games and Applied Health Technology, with a special focus on Participatory Design methods for supporting user-driven innovation. This R&D is being carried out in collaboration with Blekinge County Council Competence Center and the EU-funded regional investment-for-the-future project Blekinge Health Arena.

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Stage 1: The fast-track balance project

Åke Gustafson training his balance Two schoolgirls training their balance Sofie Persson training her balance


The first sub-project within this framework, the Fast-track Balance Project, was made possible thanks to strategical BTH funding received in 2010. The Fast-track Balance project was carried out by M Sc Sofie Persson (above right) in collaboration with the innovative user Åke Gustafsson (above left) and the technical expert Sven Olof Larsson. The project ran for 4 months and resulted in a prototype of a game for measuring and training of static and dynamic balance, using a sensor platform and a PC-based application. The aim is to use this prototype as input for running a proof-of-concept project in collaboration with BTH Innovation and Blekinge Health Arena, and to launch a commercial balance training game in 2012.



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Prof.Sara Eriksen,
School of Computing
Blekinge Institute of Technology
SE-371 79 Karlskrona, Sweden













































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