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Below is a list of finished master theses in Computer Science from the year 2009 and forward supervised by members of the GSIL research group. Most theses can be found in the "Bachelor/Master theses archive" at Blekinge Institute of Technology Arkiv EX


Mikael Gislen, "Dysfunctional aspects of Software Development - An analysis of how lip-service, deception and organisational politics may side-track the result of well-intended methodologies", Advisor: Hans Tap

Elin Adolfsson, "Sociala medier för att hantera kundkontakter", Advisor: Hans Tap

Rambabu Garlapati, Rajib Biswas, "Interoperability in Healthcare - A focus on the Social Interoperability", Advisor: Bo Helgeson

Susanne Lindberg, "Involving Children in the Design of Online Peer Support for Children with Cancer", Advisor: Bo Helgeson

Henok Wordoffa, Ezedin Wangoria, "Alzheimer's Disease Stage Prediction using Machine Learning and Multi Agent System", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Syed Asif Abbas Bukhari, Sajid Hussain, "Intelligent Support System for Health Monitoring of elderly people", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Fangjie Lu, Israr Khan, "Sharing Elderly Healthcare information on Cloud Computing", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Farah Makhdum, Kamran Mian, "Smarter City - A System to Systems", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Paul Denys, "Security of Personal Information in Cloud Computing: Identifying and mitigating against risks to privacy in the deployment of Enterprise Systems Applications on the Software as a Service platform", Advisor: Hans Kyhlbäck

Samuel Hagos, "Assessment of Business Process Reengineering Implementation and Result within Ethiopian Ministry of Health and Gambella Regional Health Bureau Contexts", Advisor: Kari Rönkkö

Waqas Ali, "Case Study Of Mobile Internet User Experience", Advisor: Kari Rönkkö

Likith Poovanna Kelapanda Satish, Vinay Sudha Ethiraj, "Human-like Super Mario Play using Artificial Potential Fields", Advisor: Stefan Johansson

Ahmad Tauseef Sohaib, Shahnawaz Qureshi, "An Empirical Study of Machine Learning Techniques for Classifying Emotional States from EEG Data", Advisor: Johan Hagelbäck

Matteus Magnusson, Suresh Balsasubramaniya, "A Communicating and Controllable Teammate Bot for RTS Games", Advisor: Johan Hagelbäck

Tran Huy Duc, "Designing distance learning for the 21st century: Constructivism, Moore’s transactional theory and Web 2.0", Advisor: Jenny Lundberg

Inam-ul-Haq, Adnan Jalil, "Real-Time Gait Analysis Algorithm for Patient Activity Detection to Understand and Respond to the Movements", Advisor: Jenny Lundberg

Johan M Karlstedt, "An ISD study of Extreme Information Management challenges in IoT Systems - Case: The “OpenSenses”eHealth/Smarthome project", Advisor: Jenny Lundberg

Muhammad Asif Majoka, Naveed Tahir, "NFC Enabled Smartphone Application For Instant Cognitive Support", Advisor: Jenny Lundberg

Ahmed Abdul Haseeb, Asim Ilya, "Speech Translation into Pakistan Sign Language", Advisor: Sara Eriksén

Irfan Iqbal, Bilal Qadi, "Biometrics Technology - Attitudes & influencing factors when trying to adopt this technology in Blekinge healthcare", Advisor: Sara Eriksén

Naveed Anwar, Adam Kwok, "Web Site Usability, Technical and Social Perspectives", Advisor: Sara Eriksén

Zeynep Ahme, "What Are You Doing And Feeling Right Now?", Advisor: Sara Eriksén


Mubasher Hassan Khan, Tayyab Laique, "An Evaluation of Gaze and EEG-Based Control of a Mobile Robot", Advisor: Craig Lindley

Muhammad Mansur-Ul-Islam, Muhammad Sajjad, "Implementation of Asymmetric Potential Fields in Real Time Strategy Game", Advisor: Stefan Johansson

Steve Dahlskog, "Digital Game Competence - Literacy or Repertoire?", Advisor: Stefan Johansson

Hossein Ghodosi Fard, Bie Chuangjun, "Braille-based Text Input for Multi-touch Screen Mobile Phones", Advisor: Bo Helgeson

Mohammad Ali Khan, Majid Nasir, " Human Errors and Learnability Evaluation of Authentication System", Advisor: Bo Helgeson

Parisa Yousefi, Pegah Yousefi,"Cost Justifying Usability a case-study at Ericsson", Advisor: Kari Rönkkö

Ali Mansoor, Zahid Mahboob, " User Experience Evaluation in Mobile Industry", Advisor: Kari Rönkkö

Muhammad Azam, Luqman Ahmad, "A Comparative Evaluation of Usability for the iPhone and iPad", Advisor: Veronica Sundstedt

Pavan Kumar Bollineni, Kumar Neupane, "Implications for adopting cloud computing in e-Health", Advisor: Jenny Lundberg

Muhammad Yasir Siddiqui, Alam Gir, "An Integration of policy and reputation based trust mechanisms", Advisor: Jenny Lundberg

Israr Ali, Syed Shahab Ali Shah, "Usability Requirements for GIS Application: Comparative Study of Google Maps on PC and Smartphone", Advisor: Jenny Lundberg


Muhammad Qadir, Muhammad Adnan, "Comparative Analysis of two Open Source Network Monitoring Systems: Nagios & OpenNMS", Advisor: Jeff Winter

Fatemeh Daneshzadeh, Ali Nassergivehchy, "Using personas and scenarios in designing for an IPTV solution", Advisor: Bo Helgeson

Hamza Niaz, Muhammad Hanif, "Investigating the possible role and usefulness of video capture virtual reality in motor impairment rehabilitation", Advisor: Sara Eriksén

Prasanna Pokhrel, Siva Praneeth Babu Vemulapalli, "Measuring satisfaction of usage of web-based information system (WBIS) for e-services", Advisor: Sara Eriksén

Yan Hu, Javed Afza, "Achieving eHealth interoperability Via peer-to-peer communication Using JXTA Technology", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Muhammad Imran Shahzad, Saqib Mehmood, "Control of Articulated Robot Arm by Eye Tracking", Advisor: Craig Lindley.

Zaheer Ahmed, Aamir Shahzad, "Mobile Robot Navigation using Gaze Contingent Dynamic Interface", Advisor: Craig Lindley.

Abujawad Rafid Siddiqui, "A Vision and Differential Steering System for a Mobile Robot Platform", Advisor: Craig Lindley.

Khalid Mahmood, Ashrafullah, "Information Security Management of Healthcare System", Advisor: Sara Eriksén

Latif Sulehri, "Comparative Selection of Requirements Validation Techniques Based on Industrial Survey", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Usman Akhlaq, Muhammad Usman Yousaf, "Impact of Software Comprehension in Software Maintenance and Evolution", Advisor: Jeff Winter

Tariq Alam, Muhammad Ali, "The Challenge of Usability Evaluation of Online Social Networks with a Focus on Facebook", Advisor: Hans Kyhlbäck

Falak Zeb, Sajid Naseem, "Guidelines for the Deployment of Biometrics Technology in Blekinge Health Care System with the Focus on Human Perceptions and Cost Factor", Advisor: Hans Kyhlbäck

Shoaib Bakhtyar, Qaisar Zaman Afridi, "Performance Evaluation of Two Different Usability Evaluation Methods in the Context of Collaborative Writing Systems", Advisor: Hans Tap

Umar Sajjad, Muhammad Qaisar Hanif, "Issues and Challenges of Requirement Elicitation in Large Web Projects", Advisor: Hans Tap

Muhammad Akhlaq, "A Smart-Dashboard: Augmenting safe & smooth driving", Advisor: Bo Helgeson

Muhammad Mehrban, Muhammad Asif, "Challenges and Strategies in Mobile Phones Interface for elder people", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Syed Tosif Raza, Sundas Naveed, "Mobile Communication Technologies and Their Effects on Elderly, A Case Study of Diabetes type 2 Elderly ", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Muhammad Ehsan Mansoor;Rashid Majeed, "Achieving Interoperability among Healthcare Organizations", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Kamil Mohiuddin Shaikh, "The Performance Evaluation of OFDM Based WLAN (IEEE 802.11a and 802.11g)", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Muhammad Adnan, "Usability Evaluation of Web-based GIS Applications - A Comparative study of Google Maps and MapQuest", Advisor: Sara Eriksén

Shahzad Babar, Aamer Mehmood, "Enhancing Accessibility of Web Based GIS Applications through User Centered Design", Advisor: Sara Eriksén


Rana Aamir Raza Ashfaq, Mohammad Qasim Khan, "Analyzing Common Criteria Shortcomings to Improve its Efficacy", Advisor: Olle Lindeberg

Muhammad Ullah, Waqar Ahmad, "Evaluation of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks", Advisor: Olle Lindeberg

Malik Imran Ullah, Waqar Ali Zaidi, "Quality Assurance Activities in Agile - Philosophy to Practice", Advisor: Jeff Winter

Farrukh Sahar, Muhammad Asim, "Citizen Access to eHealth Services in County of Blekinge", Advisor: Hans Kyhlbäck

Zahidul Alam, "Usability of a GNU/Linux Distribution from Novice User’s Perspective", Advisor: Hans Kyhlbäck

Syed Muhammad Taha Wasti, "Achieving Personalized Interoperable Patient Information Systems;benefits & challenges in Swedish context", Advisor: Hans Kyhlbäck

Chaudhry Muhammad Nadeem Faisal, "Usability Evaluation of Cloud Based Application", Advisor: Hans Kyhlbäck

Muhammad-Hamid Fayyaz, Usman Idrees, "Usability Testing & Evaluation of Chores in GNU/Linux for Novice", Advisor: Hans Kyhlbäck

Shaukat Ali Khan, "Technological and Social Issues in the development and deployment of Facial Recognition Biometric Systems", Advisor: Hans Tap

Malik Imran Ullah, Waqar Ali Zaidi, "Quality Assurance Activities in Agile - Philosophy to Practice", Advisor: Kari Rönkkö

Jia Tan, "FOUUX: A Framework for Usability & User Experience", Advisor: Kari Rönkkö

Naeem Ul Hassan Shah, "Adoption of Usability Evaluation Methods in Web Development", Advisor: Kari Rönkkö

Muhammad Qasim Khan, Zia ur Rehman, "Usability Issues in Content Based Multimedia Computer Based Trainings ", Advisor: Bo Helgeson

Muhammad Saad Bin Azhar, Ammad Aslam, "Multiple Coordinated Information Visualization Techniques in Control Room Environment", Advisor: Bo Helgeson

Ömer Kerem Beygo, Cihan Eraslan, "Enhancing Security and Usability Features of NFC", Advisor: Bo Helgeson

Venkata Sudheer Kumar Reddy Yasam, "An Optimized Representation for Dynamic k-ary Cardinal Trees", Advisor: Stefan Johansson

Ramana Reddy Dappiti, Mohan Krishna Thalluri, "Brownian Dynamic Simulation to Predict the Stock Market Price", Advisor: Stefan Johansson

Patlolla Pradeep Reddy, Pasam Raghava Reddy, "Modeling The Spread Malware In Computer Networks", Advisor: Stefan Johansson

Muhammad Afsar Khan, Sher Hassan, "Usability Evaluation of Web Office Applications in Collaborative Student Writing", Advisor: Jeanette Eriksson

Muhammad Asghar Jan, Syed Majid Ali Shah Bukhari, "Eye Tracking Interface Design for Controlling Mobile Robot", Advisor: Craig Lindley

Daniel Barke, "Are we ready for Agile Development?", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Umar Farooq, Usman Azmat, "Testing Challenges in Web-based Applications with respect to Interoperability and Integration", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Jun Cui, "Query Expansion Research and Application in Search Engine Based on Concepts Lattice", Advisors: Guohua Bai, Yang Liu

Asma Shaheen, Waqas Ahmad Khan, "Intelligent Decision Support System in Diabetic eHealth Care-From the perspective of Elders", Advisors: Guohua Bai, Yang Liu

Muhammad Azam, Izhar Hussain, "The Role of Interoperability in eHealth", Advisor: Guohua Bai

Mohamed Bibri, "ICT Design Unsustainability & the Path toward Environmentally Sustainable Technologies ", Advisor: Sara Eriksén

Muhammad Usman Ali, Muhammad Aasim, "Usability Evaluation of Digital Library BTH a case study", Advisor: Sara Eriksén

Mohamed Bibri, "Sustaining ICT for Sustainability: Towards Mainstreaming De-carbonization-oriented Design & Enabling the Energy-Efficient, Low Carbon Economy", Advisor: Sara Eriksén

Kashif Manzoor Qureshi, Muhammad Irfan, "Usability evaluation of e-learning applications, A case study of It´s Learning from a student´s perspective", Advisor: Sara Eriksén


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