Design and experience

Design and Experience is a multidisciplinary research theme with strong influences from Computer Science, HCI, CSCW, Interaction Design, Ethnography, Participatory Design, Communication and Media Sciences, Ubiquitous Computing and Industrial Design.

Design and Experience research deals with aspects of peoples´ interaction with and through technology.

Interests and competences of this group include:

  • Technology and everyday life
  • Use and design of artefacts in everyday activities
  • Participation and design
  • User experience
  • Situated innovation


For more information please contact Associate Professor Kari Rönkkö,

Research projects

Webis - Tjänsteinnovationer 2007 - att skapa innovationssystem för tjänster genom utvecklat kunddeltagande. The project is financed by VINNOVA.

Contact persons: Kari Rönkkö and Jeff Winter

Aktiv sårläkning - The project objectives is to: -in a systematic and on a county all encompassing way, develop a limited number of measurable and sustainable variables for active wound healing in Blekinge, -develop an ICT system for secure communication between different systems in order to optimise active wound healing collaboration between the County and the municipalities in Blekinge, -follow the National Strategy for e-Health.

Contact person: Hans Kyhlbäck


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