Prof. Craig A. Lindley

Craig Lindley

Research Interests

Robotics and human-robot interaction, cognitive engineering, neural engineering, psychophysiology.


1997:   PhD, School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia. Title: A Behavioural Paradigm of Artificial Intelligence and its Application to Satellite Autonomy.

1992:   Graduate Diploma in Information Technology (i.e. Applied Physics), Department of Applied Physics, University of Central Queensland, Australia.

1991:   MAppSc (Computing Science) by research thesis, Department of Computing Science, University of Technology, Australia. Title: The Knowledge Analyst's Assistant: A Computer Aided Knowledge Engineering Tool.

1989:   Graduate Diploma in Applied Computing, Department of Mathematics and Computing, University of Central Queensland, Australia.

1982:  BA (Hons), Department of Philosophy, University of Adelaide, Australia.

Detailed CV (January 2012)


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