Seminars during the spring 2009:

  • 15/6 Charlotte Sennersten: IFR (Instrumental Flight Rules) och VFR (Visual Flight Rules) - en utblick från flygregler till gränssnitt i spel och visuell uppmärksamhet

  • 8/6  Bo Schenkman:  Studier i psykologisk akustik, pågående och planerade. Underlag för seminariet kan laddas ner här.
  • 1/6 More about Experience Design: Is Design the Preeminent Protagonist in User Experience? Article written by Phillip Tobias and Daniel S. Spiegel. Could be printed from here. And "Towards a Shared Definition of User Experience", download from here.
  • 25/5 The Poverty of User-Centered Design (article by Andrew Dillon, School of Information Univerisity of Texas, could be printed from here!)

  • 18/5 Bo Helgeson: Disruptive metaphors for computing.

  • 11/5 Lissa Holloway-Attaway: Performa[c]tivity. Playing Liveness: Design and Digital Performance

  • 4/5 Sara Eriksén: Experience Design

  • 20/4 Anders Nilsson, School of Management: Innovation, BTH and Interaction Design. Part II

  • 6/4 Jeanette Eriksson and Kari Rönkkö introduce an article by Millerand and Baker : Who are the users? Who are the developers?. To be published in a special issue of ISJ.

  • 30/3 Collaborative Services. Social innovation and design for sustainability.

  • 23/3 Kari Rönkkö: Interaction Design, Experiences and Digital Technologies

  • 16/3 Anders Nilsson: Innovation, BTH and Interaction Design

  • 9/3 Henric Johnson:: Information security at BTH and Interaction Design

  • 2/3 Pascal Grube: On the integration of creativity techniques in the elicitation of requirements

  • 23/2 Berthel Sutter and Björn Stille: Game Playing in 5th Dimension

  • 16/2 Hans Kyhlbäck and Charlotte Sennersten: Teaching HCI

  • 9/2 Craig Lindley: Game Design and psychology of game playing. Background material.

  • 2/2 Topics and Sources in Interaction Design

  • 19/1 Shahid Hussain: Trust and Trustworkth Systems

  • 12/1 India -- a reading experience?




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