DURING the Autumn 2010 the following seminars have been held

  • 1213 Darja Smite from SERL: Multi-disciplinary research around global software engineering. Download latest articleOne more, 2008And one more, 2008

  • lt;strong>1206 Eric Reinhard and Tania Pouli, University of  BristolPerception in Computer Graphics and Image Statistics for Computer Graphics. More information here, with links to papers etc.

  • 1129 Rafid Siddiqui Abujawad: Report from Workshop about Robotics at COTESIS

  • 1122 Henrik Cederholm and Olle Hilborn GSIL: Arousal-dependent gaming

  • 1115 Arduino Workshop. For a background, look here!

  • 1108 "Abductive Thinking and Sensemaking". Article by Jon Kolko and "Abduction: The Logic of Discovery of Grounded Theory" (Reichertz)

  • 1101 GSIL meeting. Discussion about how to the group could work with master thesis work supervised my members in GSIL

  • 1025 Johan Hagelbäck: Designing a bot for playing Starcraft

  • 1011 Brain Interface for serious games Jeanette Eriksson (And, at the end of the seminar, short discussion about Master Thesis students and the development of new courses)

  • 1004 Charlotte Sennersten presents a paper accepted for the conferenceRTO/HFM-202 Human Modelling for Military Application, Nederlands, 18-20 October 2010: "Decision Processes in Simulation-Based Training for ISAF Vehicle Patrols" AND: Susanne Segeblad from Tobil presents eye-glasses for eye-tracking. LINK HERE.

  • 0927 Master Thesis workshop

  • 0920:  Mathemetical Maps Håkan Lennerstad

  • 0913: "Design for Places of Collaboration" Alexandra Petrakou (PhD student) presents an outline for the coat ("kappa") in her dissertation

  • 0906: Veronica Sundstedt self presentation

  • 0830: Wicked Problems in Design (Jeff Winter). Article by Horst Rittel (1973)"Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning". Se also Buchanan, "Wicked Problems in Design Thinking".

  • 0823: Report from CIG, Computational Intelligence Games (Stefan Johansson) and Paper: Anderson, "Embodied Cognition: A Field Guide", could be downloaded HERE.

  • 0816: The Evasive Interface, article by Lars-Erik Janlert 2007 (Olle Hilborn). Compare also with Harrison at al (2007), "">The Three Paradigms of HCI".

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