GSIL Seminars are held each Monday between 13:15 and 15:00 in Claude Shannon, Campus Gräsvik.

Seminars held during the spring semester 2011:

  • 0524 PhD defence Interaction Design: Alexandra Petrakou. J1650, 13:15
  • 0512 Jeanette Blomberg, Practice-based Service Innovation" at IBM Almaden Research Center: Trajectories of Change in Global Enterprise Transformation
  • 0426 Saïd Assar (TELECOM Business School, Evry-France) A Collaboration Engineering Perspective on E-Government.
  • 0411 Hans Tap: WALKFaR - Serious gaming som motivationserktyg  för FaR (Fysisk aktivitet på Recept)
  • 0404 No seminar but attend Sharon Kao-Walter and her "Docentseminarium" in J1640 at 13:30: "When, Why and How to Avoid (Create) Crack Propagation in Laminates?"
  • 0328 Cigdem Gencel (SERL): GQM-Lean: Establishing Dynamic Software Measurement Programs
  • 0228 Stefan Johansson: Character Modelling Behind the Façade
  • 0221 Discussion about future research funding: About organizing our applications in the future
  • 0214  Proxemic Interactions: Game systems and Ubicomp merged for the future? Discussion of article by Greenberg et al, Interactions 2011, Proxemic Interactions. Short introduction by Bo Helgeson
  • 0207  Charlotte Sennersten: Norman's Execution Cycle
  • 0127 Design for places of collaboration. Final seminar for Alexandra Petrakou. Comments by Kjeld Schmidt, Copenhagen Business School.  NOTE the time: 9:30-12:00
  • 0124 Henrik Cederholm: MMORPG – The effects of playing online
  • 0117 Petar Jercic: Using Epoc BCI as a game input device and for providing player with biofeedback
  • 0110 Kickoff 2011



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