My name is Indira Nurdiani Jabangwe. I am a PhD candidate in Software Engineering at the Department of Software Engineering (DIPT) at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH). My PhD supervisors are Prof. Jürgen Börstler and Dr. Samuel Fricker.

I earned my master degree in Software Engineering from BTH and bachelor degree in Information Technology from Swiss German University, Indonesia with a minor in Electrical Engineering with a double degree from Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, Germany.  I also have working experience in software development, both in national and multinational companies in Indonesia and Germany.

I am also a member of SERL-Sweden, the software engineering research lab at BTH. My main research interests are agile and lean software development, requirements engineering, and evidence-based software engineering.


Contact Details:

Blekinge Institute of Technology,
Department of Software Engineering,
SE-371 79 Karlskrona, Sweden.
Phone: + 46 734 22 35 08
e-Mail: indira.nurdiani(at) bth.se

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