Madelene Larsson, PhD candidate

Madelene Larsson is a PhD candidate in the research subject of Applied Health Technology and Interaction Designer by profession.

Madelene Larsson

Madelene Larsson

Department of Creative Technologies
Telephone: +46 (0)455 38 54 23

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I am a PhD student in the area of Applied Health Technology at BTH interested in the process of healthcare development and procurement. For the moment involved in design and development projects related to digital radiology, pathology and multi-disciplinary teams. Over the last ten years, I have worked as an interaction designer and project leader mainly in the area of e-health but also product development and distributed engineering. The core competence is within user-centred design and need-driven development, i.e. understanding, mapping and mediating processes, workflows, interactions and needs in order to develop supportive technologies.

The Swedish government has set up high demands regarding the increased use of e-health solutions, and the healthcare domain is seen as an important resource for innovation. The goal is to provide accessible, effective and equal healthcare that meet the needs from different stakeholders such as individuals, healthcare professionals and decision makers. This demands for knowledge about different roles in the healthcare development process but also understanding the process itself. That is why the core of my research is about examining the actors and activities in that process. I focus on how requirements regarding interoperability and usability can be made explicit and traceable for different stakeholders involved in healthcare development. The aim of my work is to understand the meaning of traceability and how it can be obtained. Further I investigate which actor/actors is most suitable to perform the “traceability activity” or maybe even more important, the skills needed to fulfil that task.


I carry out my research via the following projects:

  • SICAHT - Swedish Innovation Center for Applied Health Technology: A growth project, a cluster initiative launched by the County Council of Blekinge, Region Blekinge, Blekinge Institute of Technology and the ICT-industry in Blekinge. The ambition is to create an innovation platform in the field of Digital Health. The County Council wants to see new innovative digital products and services that can provide efficient and quality care and service to the residents of Blekinge. Region Blekinge want to see new and growing businesses in the area. Blekinge Institute of Technology want to further strengthen its expertise and research in the field of Applied Health Technology by increased cooperation with companies. The ICT-industry in Blekinge want to develop new business areas.
  • ExDin - More effective analysis within medical imaging using collaboration based on networking structure: Medical imaging is facing major challenges. The demographic and geographic structure needs to be addressed with new approaches and services. Digitalisation has been ongoing for over 10 years, but there is still great potential to be exploited in sharing capacity and expertise. This project focuses on this potential. The project will analyze more effective forms of collaboration, working in networks. The issue is complex in nature as it spans over different health care providers, specialties and processes. It also covers a number of areas such as technology, patient safety, legal and regulatory requirements.
    More information at
  • CTM - Center for Tele Medicine: The project will provide a cost-effective development of sustainable e-health related services and products. This should be done by various pilot project demonstrators to create realistic scenarios. Primarily this is done for the County Council of Blekinge but also other potential customers may be targeted. The project will create a technological-medical frontier area that can generate new business in Blekinge.
    More information at: Blekinge Centre of Competence, County Council of Blekinge
  • [Finalized] Nurse Gudrun´s Full-Scale Lab: The aim is to find out how by using modern technology we can make health- and medical services more accessible and in this way streamline and raise the quality of nursing and care. The project also means that Blekinge is put on the map as an interesting region in terms of IT in nursing and care. Blekinge County Council is setting up a lab for the testing of IT solutions in real environments of nursing and care. In addition, Blekinge Institute of Technology has created a research lab for innovations and development. Tools and technology are developed here before they are put into operation and research related to nursing and care is conducted. The project effects will increase the accessibility for County residents. The work has been divided into two areas — Public Health and Health/Medical Care and Social Care.
    More information at: Blekinge Centre of Competence, County Council of Blekinge
  • [Finalized] NeedInn - Need Centered Product Innovation within E-health: The goal for NeedInn is to create a method, a working process, which contributes to a need centered product development process within e-health. To make this happen we need to develop a way to find the needs and to make them more clearly for users and solution providers.
    More information at: Luleå University of Technology


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