Master Thesis in Electrical Engineering

This site will hold all information relevant to the old process in the Master Thesis course in Electrical Engineering with focus on Telecommunications Systems.

Starting by January 19, 2015 a new process will be applied for all MSc thesis. You can find the information about the new process here

During the transition phase (i.e. unil end of VT2015) exceptions for not to move to the new process might be given by the examiner (based on suggestion of the advisor on the progress of the proposal and the thesis).  

Examiners: Kurt Tutschku, and Patrik Arlos,

Approaching Deadlines, events and other important dates!

Make sure that you are aware of the deadlines!

Time to start working on your proposal...

It is your responsibility to find a thesis partner and to find a topic, once you have done that, a supervisor will be assigned to you. Read the FAQ for more information.

New Examiner and Course Responsible

As of September 1st 2013 Prof. Kurt Tutschku will be the main examiner and course responsible for the class. All new thesises will be handled by Prof. Tutschku, those that were in the 'writing proposal','working','defending' or 'finalizing' stage by the 2013-08-26, will be handled by Dr. Patrik Arlos. 

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