Guide to Starting (and finishing) Your Thesis in Telecommunication systems (ET2509/ET2414/ET2413) (NEW, 2011-08-29)

Applicable for Double Diploma students.

If you are doing your thesis as a DDP student you can do your thesis in one of two ways:
Case 1)
You do your thesis at BTH (you register for the course at BTH, you get a supervisor at BTH, you defend at BTH and you are present at BTH during the work).
If you are following CASE 1 follow these guidelines: 'Starting your thesis'.

Case 2) You do your thesis at another (your home) university (you get a supervisor at the other university, you defend at the other university, you present at the other university - HOWEVER you always get a Shadow Supervisor at BTH and need to register for the course at BTH at startup. If Case 2 applies to you read and follow ALL the steps below IN ORDER:

  1. Make sure you apply for, and are registered on, the course in LADOK, follow the normal procedures for this. IF you have problems talk to the student expedition. The ET2509/ET2414/ET2413 course examiner does NOT have anything to do with this step; but you cannot be registered on a thesis project unless you are registered for the course first! Yes, even if you are doing a thesis abroad you need to follow these steps and be registered on the thesis course at BTH).
  2. Think about what you are interested in.
  3. Download and read the introductory slides for the course.
  4. If your home university allows it, find a thesis partner. Or experience is that thesis projects done in pairs are more probable to succeed.
  5. Once you have been assigned a supervisor and topic by your home university, email the examiner your, and if applicable, your partners info according to substeps 5.A-5.F - ONCE THIS IS DONE, YOUR THESIS STARTS FROM THE VIEWPOINT OF BTH.;
    1. Names, official BTH emails, personal numbers, course you are registered on (ET2509, ET2414 or ET2413
    2. preliminary thesis title
    3. State the topic, supervisor and if possible a small description of the work.  Examiner will assign you a shadow supervisor, if you have not found one yourself. If you have found a shadow supervisor send the name of this person and cc him/her in the mail
    4. Indicate that you are a (e.g. Double Diploma Program) if you intend to do your thesis at your home university. - THIS IS CRITICAL. If you do your thesis outside of BTH you still need a Shadow Supervisor here at BTH. The examination (grading) of your thesis is done separately AT BOTH universities and using the Shadow Supervisor in a smart way will lessen the risk of you getting different grades at the different universities.
    5. Attach a LADOK extract in pdf that shows that you are registered on the thesis course.
  6. (You will get a "start-up" mail from the course examiner).
  7. Work…
  8. Contact your Shadow Supervisor when you need to. A tip is to have regular contact and send parts of your work regularly to get early feedback.
  9. When your final thesis is finished send it to your Shadow Supervisor and ask him/her to grade it formally. The shadow supervisor will send the final thesis with his grade recommendation to the Examiner. Make sure that the Shadow Supervisor knows this. Your thesis will be graded using the same thesis rubric as the thesis’s conducted on campus at BTH.
  10. You get your final grade notification from the Examiner at BTH.
  11. BEFORE you get your grade registered you need to:
  • send the final pdf to your supervisor(s) and the examiner,
  • go to!OpenForm and fill in the information (make sure it is correct)
  • (you do not have to submit your thesis again, and no hard copy is required! - the examiner will submit the pdf of the final thesis to the system)

After your grade is formally entered into LADOK (before you ask make sure Step 12 is done!)

- All thesis must be completely in English, no exceptions.
- The checkpoints (see: rolling schedule ) are applicable for all students. You are allowed to miss three (3) presentation dates, then you FAIL unless your Shadow Supervisor explicitly tells me to give you more time!
- All communication with Supervisor or Examiner or Shadow Supervisor should be preceded with your name, social sec. no, thesis title, project title.

- Patrik Arlos, Examiner


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