Thesis Defense 1st of June2012

Location  J1620, room is open from ~8.20

8.25-8.30 Introduction and instructions on the format of the sessions.

    8.30-9.30  Supercomputing in the Cloud using the Quick Sort Algorithm    Mattamadugu, Lakshmi Narashima Seshend and Pathan, Ashfaq Abdullah Khan
    9.30-10.30    Evaluation of ROS and Arduino Controllers for the OBDH Subsystem of a CubeSat; Amarawadi, Sharath Chandra and Ande, Rama Kanth
    11.00-12.00    Centralized Support Node for Mobility Management in Cognitive Radio Networks; Jayaraman, Srinivasan and Hemachandra Chowdari Gonuguntla

12.00--13.00 Lunch

    13.00-14.00    Performance, Maintainability and Implementation Cost for Different Software Platforms in a Network Managment; Muhammad Nadeem and Mohammed Azharuddin
    14.00-15.00    A Comparison of HTML4 and HTML5 with Respect to Server Response Time and Page Load Time; Zhang, Hushi

15.00-15.30 Break

    15.30-16.30    Evaluation of Radiation tolerant satellite communication modem; Bhuma, Venkata Srikanth and Balsu, Santosh Kumar
    16.30-17.30    Power usage optimization in wireless sensor networks; Naveen Garlapati and Altaf Ahmed Mohammed



Bring your own computer to show the presentation on, make sure that you test it with the projector.

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