Thesis Defense 26--27th of September 2012

Location  G404, room is open from ~12.50


  • 12.55-13.00 Introduction and instructions on the format of the sessions.
  • 13.00--14.00 Cloud computing as a tool to secure and manage information flow in Swedish Armed Forces Networks. Muhammad Usman, Ali.
  • 14.00--15.00 Performance Evaluation of Cloud Database and Traditional Database. Kaushik Donkena, Subbarayudu Gannamani
  • 15.00--15.30 Break
  • 15.30--16.30 Systematic Literature Review and Survey on High Performance Computing in Cloud. Karthik Paladugu, Sumanth Mukka
  • 16.30--17.30 Literature Review on Energy Efficiency of Base Stations and Improving Energy Efficiency Through Cognitive. Radi Shashank Reddy Nalapatla, Sreedhar Reddy Mamidala


  • 12.55-13.00 Introduction and instructions on the format of the sessions
  • 13.00--14.00 A Comparison of RTMP and HTTP Protocols with Respect to Packet Loss and Delay Variation Based on QoE. Ramesh Goud Guniganti, Srikanth Ankam
  • 14.00--15.00 Spectrum Selection Technique to Satisfy the QoS Requirement in Cognitive Radio Network. Ismail Khan Khattak, Sheikh Fakhar Uddin
  • 15.00--15.30 Break
  • 15.30--16.30 Evaluation of EAP Authentication Methods in wired and wireless networks. Tirumala Rao Kothaluru, Mohamed Youshah Shameel Mecca
  • 16.30--17.30 Analysis of radio access network buffer filling based on real network data. Logabharathi Aruchamy

Bring your own computer to show the presentation on, make sure that you test it with the projector.

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