Guide to Starting (and finishing) Your Thesis in Telecommunications (et2509/et2414/et2413) (New 2011-08-29)

Read EVERY step carefully! For master students doing their thesis at BTH follow ALL STEPS.
For exchange students doing their thesis at OTHER universities (e.g. DD or EMSE) see: DDP


0. ALL communication (emails) you send to examiner, reviewers, supervisors should contain NAME(S), SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, EMAIL atleast.

  1. Find a thesis partner. You can not do the thesis alone.
  2. BEFORE you continue with step three (3) below make sure you AND your partner are eligible (you are allowed) to start your thesis work. You should be on this list  CLICK HERE (the page containing the list, also includes infromation on how to get on that list). You can also talk to Anders Nelsson, Director of Studies at COM. He will evaluate that you meet the requirements to start you thesis at COM.
  3. Go to List of Supervisors CLICK HERE (Here you can see a list of all researchers that supervise in Telecommunication Systems. Each researcher has keywords and descriptions of what their research fields are and what their expertise is focused on).
  4. Browse the list of supervisors and find potential supervisors who are interested in the areas you want to work. Select one or several potential supervisors and contact them (you can basically choose which supervisor you want to contact and ask him/her to be your supervisor). OBSERVE, that the slots on the list page next to each supervisor denotes how many thesis projects the supervisor can supervise right now. If the slots are zero (0) then maybe you should consider to contact an other supervisor.
  5. Once you have agreed with a supervisor (he/she has agreed to be your supervisor) the SUPERVISOR should notify the examiner that the thesis project has started (remind your supervisor to write this notification email please). NOTE: If you have not found/agreed with a supervisor and started the thesis project within 3 weeks of formal course start you will be assigned a thesis partner and supervisor at random!
  6. Contact your supervisor and have meetings to refine your thesis proposal. Search for background information, prior research, motivate your research, refine your main aims and objectives and create research questions. State the methodology you will use to answer the questions etc. The proposal will become the first part of your thesis report as well as the detailed plan for your work so it is very important.
  7. When your supervisor approves your proposal he/she should send it to the examiner. A faculty reviewer will also read and give feedback on it. You will get this feedback by your supervisor. Your supervisor should send your updated proposal to the examiner. Examiner now updates your status to "Working". Note that this must happen before the specified date for the presentation date you are targeting. All checkpoints are hard and fixed; NO EXCEPTIONS.
  8. Work on your thesis project. Write continuously and have regular meetings with your supervisor. You should have at least weekly email contact with your supervisor (we recommend sending a status email every Monday morning) and meet in person at least every 3rd week.
    1. There is a thesis template you must use, see: template word or template latex
    2. A tip, download and read/unerstand the thesis rubric, your thesis will be graded using this.
  9. Remember to send thesis parts (and synchronize with) your supervisor continuously during the project. The final draft to the supervisor (requiring only minor fixes) should be sent to your supervisor no later than 3 weeks BEFORE the presentation. The supervisor says OK for presentation 2 weeks before the presentation, and you need to send the final version of the thesis to your opponents 1 week before the presentation.
  10. Presentation.
    1. You present, see all the tips on what this entails ( ) the info is spread over the pages!
    2. You need to be an opponent. See Material and specifically Guidelines for Opposition
    3. If you have to been an opponent yet, send a mail to the examiner 3 weeks prior to any defense date and communicate your interest!
  11. After your presentation, schedule a meeting with your supervisor ASAP if you have any questions regarding what needs to be fixed and added to the thesis based on the feedback you got.
  12. Update thesis based on input from supervisor, opponent(s), and examiner within 5 weeks from presentation date and submit the thesis with a REJOINDER to the supervisor and the examiner.  Name the file according to "Thesis ID_SirtName1_SirName2.pdf" (don't forget that you should always have names, social sec. no, email, thesis title in all emails).
  13. AFTER you get your final grade notification (from the Examiner)
    • go to!OpenForm and fill in the information (make sure it is correct)
    • (you do not have to submit your thesis again, and no hard copy is required! - the examiner will submit the pdf of the final thesis to the system)
  14. AFTER your grade is in LADOK

--- TIPS:
- Download and read the introductory slides for the course. If you are an DDP student you should also check the rules for DDP.
- Find a thesis partner. All thesis projects are done in pairs of two students. Talk to peers and ask around. A tip is to use the list of students in itslearning under the course code. (The only exception to the 2 student group rule is if your home university demands you to do it alone (we know what universities this applies for!).
- Ideas for topics can be obtained via links (under the description of each supervisor CLICK HERE)
- You should download this  thesis proposal example, read it and use the proposal rubric to grade it. This will help you write a good proposal (and thesis!). Also check the rubrics available on the course home page (for proposal and thesis). Make sure you understand what is the difference between a high quality and a low quality proposal, thesis, project and presentation. You should aim for high quality on all of them, of course!
- Download the Thesis proposal template (word) or  (Latex) and start filling in the information.

-  The thesis must be completely in English, no exceptions.
- The checkpoints (see: rolling schedule ) are applicable for all students. You are allowed to miss three (3) presentation dates, then you FAIL unless your Shadow Supervisor explicitly tells me to give you more time!
- All communication with Supervisor or Examiner or Shadow Supervisor should be preceeded with your name, social sec. no, thesis title, project title.

- Patrik Arlos, Examinertp://

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