The proceedings of the 1st Conference on Novel Gaze-Controlled Applications is now available online.

26th May

9:00-9:20 - Registration

9:20 - Welcome

9:30 - Paper session 1 - Chair: Oleg Spakov

9:30 - Designing Gaze-supported Multimodal Interactions for the Exploration of Large Image Collections, S. Stellmach, S. Stober, A. Nuernberger, and R. Dachselt, University of Magdeburg, Germany (BEST PAPER AWARD)

10:00 - Mobile gaze-based screen interaction in 3D environments, D. Mardanbegi and D. Witzner Hansen, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

10:20 - Coffee Break

10:40 - Paper session 2 - Chair: Sophie Stellmach

10:40 - Eye Tracking Within the Packaging Design Workflow: Interaction with Physical and Virtual Shelves, C. Tonkin, A. D. Ouzts, A. T. Duchowski, Clemson University, USA

11:10 - Towards intelligent user interface design: Anticipating actions in computer games, H. Koesling, A. Kenny, A. Finke, H. Ritter, S. McLoone, and T. Ward, Bielefeld University, Germany and National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland

11:40 - Hyakunin-Eyesshu: a Tabletop Hyakunin-Isshu Game with Computer Opponent by the Action Prediction Based on Gaze Detection, M. Yamamoto, M. Komeda, T. Nagamatsu, T. Watanabe, Kwansei Gakuin University, Kobe University, and Okayama Pref. University, Japan

12:00 - Lunch + Research and Industry Demos

14:00 - Invited speaker: John Paulin Hansen, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

15:00 - Coffee Break

15:20 - Paper session 3 - Chair: Hendrik Koesling

15:20 - Comparison of Gaze-to-Objects Mapping Algorithms, O. Spakov, University of Tampere, Finland

15:50 - Evaluation of a Remote Webcam-Based Eye Tracker, H. Skovsgaard, J. San Agustin, S. Alstrup Johansen, J. Paulin Hansen, M. Tall, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, Duke University, USA

16:10 - An open-source low-cost eye-tracking system for portable real-time and offline tracking, N. Schneider, P. Bex, E. Barth, M. Dorr, University of Lübeck, Germany and Harvard Medical School, USA

16:30 - Invited speaker: Craig Lindley, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

17:00 - Poster introductions

17:10 - Poster presentations + Research and Industry Demos

18:00-20:30 - Dinner

27th May

8:00-8:20 - Coffee

8:20-9:20 - Invited industry presentation: Variables and parameters that affects accuracy and precision in an eye tracker, Oskar Fajerson, Tobii Technology

9:20 - Paper session 4 - Chair: Charlotte Sennersten

9:20 - Gaze and Voice Controlled Drawing, Jan van der Kamp and Veronica Sundstedt, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

9:50 - Exploring Interaction Modes for Image Retrieval, C. Engelman, R. Li, J. Pelz, P. Shi and A. Haake, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA

10:20 - Gaze Interaction from Bed, J. Paulin Hansen, J. San Agustin and H. Skovsgaard, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

10:40 - Coffee Break

11:00 - Invited speaker: Howell Istance, De Montfort University, United Kingdom

12:00 - Panel discussion about novel gaze-controlled applications

13:00 - Lunch (to go) + Research and Industry Demos

Afternoon: optional social activity in the Karlskrona region (e.g. nature walk, museum visit)

Poster Presentations

Method for Increasing Area over which User's Gaze can be Estimated Based on Gaze Cones, T. Nagamatsu, R. Sugano, J. Kamahara and M. Yamamoto, Kobe University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

Device Driver for Games using Epoc and Eye Tracker, C. Lindley, S. Kumar Balasubramaniyan and P. Jelish Paneerselvam, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden


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