Accepted full papers

Jason Clark. Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Determining the effect of multiple attacks on privacy preserving technology users}

Arjan Blom, Gerhard de Koning Gans, Erik Poll, Joeri De Ruiter and Roel Verdult. Designed to Fail: A USB-Connected Reader for Online Banking

Teodor Sommestad and Jonas Hallberg. Cyber security exercises and competitions as a platform for cyber security experiments

Kirsi Helkala, Nils Kalstad Svendsen, Per Thorsheim and Anders Wiehe. Cracking Associated Passwords

Benjamin Adolphi and Hanno Langweg. Security Add-Ons for Mobile Platforms

Jan Zibuschka and Lothar Fritsch. A Hybrid Approach for Highly Available & Secure Storage of Pseudo-SSO Credentials

Job Noorman, Nick Nikiforakis and Frank Piessens. There is Safety in Numbers: Preventing Control-Flow Hijacking by Duplication

Huiying Duan and Cäcilia Zirn. Can We Identify Manipulative Behavior and the Corresponding Suspect on Review Websites using Supervised Learning?

Tobias Pulls. Privacy-Friendly Cloud Storage for the Data Track: An Educational Transparency Tool

Torben Jensen, Heine Pedersen, Mads Chr. Olesen and Rene Rydhof Hansen. THAPS: Automated Vulnerability Scanning of PHP Applications

Tony Proctor. The Development of Cyber Security Warning, Advice & Report Points

Dimiter Milushev and Dave Clarke. Coinductive Unwinding of Security-Relevant Hyperproperties

Ramona Groner and Philipp Brune. Towards an Empirical Examination of IT Security Infrastructures in SME

Behrooz Sangchoolie, Mazdak Rajabi Nasab, Tomas Olovsson and Wolfgang John. Assessing the Quality of Packet-Level Traces Collected on Internet Backbone Links

Fabio Massacci and Federica Paci. How to Select a Security Requirements Method? A comparative study with students and practitioners

Björn Ståhl and Per Mellstrand. Retooling and Securing Systemic Debugging

Accepted short papers

Kristjan Valur Jonsson and Ymir Vigfusson Robust Authentication in Trusted Sensing Networks with Physically Uncloneable Functions 

Svein Roger Engen and Hanno Langweg Cost-Effective Technical Countermeasures Against GUI Manipulation of .NET Programs 

Laleh Pirzadeh An Attempt to Structure Risk Assessment 

Edgar Alonso Lopez-Rojas and Stefan Axelsson Multi Agent Based Simulation (MABS) of Financial Transactions for Anti Money Laundering (AML) 

Mark Stegelmann and Dogan Kesdogan V2GPriv*: Privacy-preserving Vehicle-to-Grid roaming based on untraceable payments 

Jan Zibuschka and Heiko Roßnagel Stakeholder Economics of Identity Management Infrastructures for the Web 


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