Shoaib Bakhtyar

PhD student in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Department of Computer Science & Engineering


About Me:

I am a PhD student in Computer Science at Blekinge Institute of Technology. My research area is Intelligent Transports System with a focus on e-transactions. The research group that I am working with is known as DISL-Logistics. This research group is based within the School of Computing (COM) at BTH (Karlshamn).


  • 2013       Licentiate of Technology,  Blekinge Institue of Technology
  • 2010       M.Sc in Computer Science,  Blekinge Institute of Technology.

Research Interests:

My research interest is in the area of Intelligent Transport System (ITS). My research interest concerns e-waybill solutions and ITS services.

A purpose of the research is to propose, analyze and evaluate electronic waybill (e-Waybill) solutions in achieving the vision of a paper-free, electronic flow of information accompanying the physical flow of goods. An e-Waybill solution is seen as an implementation of the e-Waybill service. The research concerns synergies between the e-waybill service and different other ITS services. The types of synergies are information, functional, and technical. The e-Waybill service has been analyzed for information and functional synergies with different ITS services.  

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