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SERL ­- Software Engineering Research Lab

SERL is focused on providing novel research solutions to real industrial challenges. Our research is directed towards development and maintenance of software systems. The research is conducted having four target areas in focus. The target areas pinpoint areas where our competence and expertise are used to create improvements. Bottom-line is that our research should aim at software products being delivered with the anticipated functionality and quality to the budgeted cost and at the right time. The target areas are: 

  • Value-based software engineering (customer, market and product focus)
    This area is focused on the need to provide value to the users of software products.

  • Strategic software engineering (management focus)
    This area is concerned with taking the correct management decisions in software development and maintenance.

  • Software productivity and quality (process focus)
    The focus is on assessing and improving efficiency and lead time in the software process as well as ensuring product quality.

  • Sustainable and evolutionary software systems (system focus)
    This area is focused on ensuring that software systems are possible to maintain and evolve over time.

The target areas are addressed using our competence and expertise in five research areas.

In all our research we strive for strong industrial relevance, and hence to remain an attractive partner for collaborations with software industry.

For more information, please use the links in the menu or contact the Research Group Leader: Professor Claes Wohlin.

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