Natalia Juristo - Honorary Doctor 2009 (October 2009)Photo of Natalia Juristo

Natalia Juristo, Professor of Software Engineering at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid in Spain, became an Honorary Doctor at Blekinge Institute of Technology at the degree conferment ceremony in October 2009.

Natalia Juristo has an internationally strong position in the field of software engineering. She has contributed with a great deal of research in areas such as empirical software engineering, requirements engineering, and testing. In Europe she has been a driving force behind establishing empirical software research and she has also written a book on the subject.

At Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Natalia Juristo has led the Master's programme in software engineering for 10 years and she is also the co-ordinator for the European Master's Programme in Software Engineering, which is being run at four academic centres in Europe. The programme is an Erasmus Mundus programme. For BTH her role has been of great significance as she invited BTH to participate in this programme, which is the only European Master's Programme at BTH and also the only one in software engineering in Europe.

As part of her appointment she gave a talk on how science can support software development. Here is a video with accompanying slides:
Natalia Juristo's lecture: How can science support software development?

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