Main projects

BESQ+ is positioned as a research project within the School of Computing. Prof. Claes Wohlin is the BESQ+ director, including both administrative and scientific responsibility. Prof. Lars Lundberg is the vice BESQ+ director. BESQ+ involves two research groups/labs (SERL - Software Engineering Research Lab and CCS Lab - Communication and Computer Systems Lab). Researchers connected to SERL conduct a majority of the research and a smaller part of the research is conducted at CCS. BESQ+ leverages on the strong network and collaborations that exist within the research environment. BESQ+ leverages from the industrial advisory board connected to BESQ RC. The industrial partners are continously involved in problem formulations, research and evaluation of the research.

BESQ RC - Co-production Network
In this Co-production Network we want to connect all our external partners and the goal is that the network should work as a catalyst for new initiatives and projects.

Decision-support for offshoring software development - R2D2
The research project is funded by Ericsson Software Research and the Swedish Knowledge Foundation under the KK-Hög grant 2009/0249. Project Plan: April 2010 - March 2013.

EASE: The Industrial Excellence Centre for Embedded Applications Software Engineering - aims to be a world class applied software research facility for embedded software applications. The objective is to ensure that industrial partners have a competitive advantage with respect to competency and innovation of novel solutions and effective engineering of embedded software applications with physical and logical mobility.

ELLIIT is a network organization for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) research at Linköping, Lund, Halmstad and Blekinge, fostering internal coordination and cooperation, and enhancing external visibility and impact. It is organized within the Swedish government's strategic research support initiative.

European Master on Software Engineering

Next Generation Software Engineering (no homepage yet).

MSc in Software Quality (co-op).

Selection or previous projects

ARIES (Applied Research in Industrial and Embedded Software) 
In ARIES, we envision composable components as a key challenge for the development of high quality software on complex platforms. The project partners (universities, research institutes and industry) competences in the aeas (i) software engineering methods, (ii) many-/multicore, and (iii) dependable and secure systems are combined in a unique way to develop innovative solutions. ARIES is funded by the KK foundation (KKS) and Swedish industry.

BESQ - Blekinge Engineering Software Qualities
The BESQ research environment was launched in July 2002 and ended in December 2008. The Knowledge Foundation (KK-Stiftelsen) was the main initial sponsor of the initiative together with matching funds from industrial partners. For more information, visit the BESQ web site.

The Center Of Nordic Excellence in Software Engineering, CONES, consisted of the Graduate School on Software Systems and Engineering (Finland), Simula Research Laboratory (Norway) and Software Engineering Research Laboratory (Sweden). Project period: 01.10.2009 - 28.09.2012.

Cooperation with Ericsson
Cooperation between Blekinge Institute of Technology and Ericsson Software Research. Project Period: 01.08.2008 - 31.07.2012.

CROWN Target page in Swedish! 
Research school in software engineering and computer science. Cooperation between research groups SERL (Software Engineering Research Laboratory) at Bleinge Institute of Technology and RiCS (Research in Computer Science) at Växjö University.

ESERNET - Experimental Software Engineering Network      
The project ESERNET is ended, but if you are interested more information can be found in this PDF (open in new window).  

Mentor programme in Software Engineering  Target page in Swedish!
The research group in software engineering has received 3 Million SEK during 3 years from Sparbanksstiftelsen Kronan. The purpose of the project is to facilitate for Ph.D.s in software engineering to take the next step in their research career  by becoming associate professors. The project is run as a mentor programme lead by Professor Claes Wohlin.

SWELL is the Swedish research school in Verification and Validation. SWELL is doing research and innovation in testing and software quality methods together with Swedish software companies. Project period: 01.04.2008 - 30.11.2012.

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