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PhD in Computer Science (Computer Graphics)

Head of the Department of Creative Technologies and Associate Professor at Blekinge Institute of Technology. I am also a member of the Computer Graphics group.

I have previously been working in the Graphics, Vision and Visualisation (GV2) group in the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bristol and the University of Bath (UK).


  • Our workshop "EyePlay: Applications for Gaze in Games" have been accepted to CHI PLAY 2014
  • I have been appointed Head of the Department of Creative Technologies from January 1, 2014.
  • Our book chapter is now out called "Visual Attention and Gaze Behaviour in Games: An Object-Based Approach",V. Sundstedt, M. Bernhard, E. Stavrakis, E. Reinhard, M. Wimmer, Game Metrics: Maximizing the Value of Player Data (Book Chapter), Editors: M. Seif El-Nasr, A. Drachen, A. Canossa, K. Isbister, Springer (2013) URL
  • I am on the International Programme Committe for ACM SAP 2013, ETSA 2013, GRAPP 2013, and the CHI 2013 workshop.
  • Our CHI 2013 Workshop has been accepted URL
  • I was recently one of the Program Chairs for ACM SAP 2012.URL
  • The book "Gazing at Games: An Introduction to Eye Tracking Control", V. Sundstedt, Synthesis Lectures on Computer Graphics and Animation, is now out. URL Amazon
  • Our paper "Crowd Light: Evaluating the Perceived Fidelity of Illuminated Dynamic Scenes" by A. Jarabo, T. Van Eyck, V. Sundstedt, K. Bala, D. Gutierrez, and C. O'Sullivan was recently accepted to the Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics 2012), 31(2). URL
  • Our education paper "Evaluation of a Curriculum for Technical Artists" by V. Sundstedt and M. Lanner was recently accepted to the Eurographics 2012.
  • We are setting up a Computer Graphics research group as a subgroup of GSIL.
  • We organised a conference on "Novel Gaze-Controlled Applications" at BTH on the 26-27th of May, 2011.


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