Projects and Collaborations

Externally Funded Projects

ORION, The Knowledge Foundation, 30 MSEK, 2015-2019

Decision support for the development of component-based embedded systems. In collaboration with Mälardalen University and SICS.

BaseIT, The Swedish Science Council (VR-Vetenskapsrådet), 4.1 MSEK, 2016-2019

The purpose of BaseIT is to create a scientific basis for software testing by grounding it in information theory.

TOCSYC, The Knowledge Foundation, 30 MSEK, 2013-2018, together with Mälardalen University

A Swedish distributed research environment dedicated to furthering the knowledge in testing of complex embedded systems and the development of cost-effective testing methods. In collaboration with Mälardalen University, Skövde University and SICS.

EASE, Vinnova and Industry, 31.5 MSEK, 2015-2018

Embedded Applications Software Engineering. In collaboration with Lund University and industry.

AVSATS2, Vinnova, 4.9 MSEK, 2013-2017

Agile development and testing in air traffic management control systems. In collaboration with SAAB AB and Chalmers Univ of Tech.

TEDD, The Knowledge Foundation, 4,5 MSEK, 2013-2017

Technical quality in distributed development. In collaboration with industry.

TIES 1&2, Vinnova, 4 MSEK, 2013-2016

Empirical research in software testing. In collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology.

IKNOWDM, The Knowledge Foundation, 3.2 MSEK 2015-2017

Improving knowledge representations for decision making in large-scale software development. In collaboration with industry.

FI-STAR, EU FP7, 17 M€, 2014-2015

FI-STAR is a Future Internet project aiming at trialling technology in live environments and testing in real world healthcare, wellness and ambient assisted living situations with people as they grow older. FI-STAR is a large consortium with participants from all over Europe. BTH is responsible for a minor work package.

ELLIIT, the Swedish government's strategic research support initiative, 1.6 MSEK for BTH/ year, 2010-2016 (prolongation pending)

ELLIIT is a network organization for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) research at Linköping, Lund, Halmstad and Blekinge, which has been created to support and enhance an internationally acknowledged research environment in these areas.

PLEng, The Knowledge Foundation, 14.3 MSEK, 2014-2016

Professional Licentiate in Engineering Research School. In collaboration with KTH and industry.

PROMPT, The Knowledge Foundation, 50 MSEK, 2015-2019

Development of academic courses for industrial competence development in software engineering. In collaboration with Mälardalen University (project owner), Chalmers, SICS and industry.

MUMS, The Knowledge Foundation, 2.4 MSEK, 2014-2015

Development of a new master program in the development of networked software-intensive systems. In collaboration with industry.

Agility, Maintainability and Value, Direct industry-funding from Telenor, 6 MSEK, 2014-2017

This project focuses on developing a trade-off model between a companies need for both flexibility in developing new products fast, and maintainability of their current products long-term. 

ERSAK, Direct industry-funding from TRV, 5.5 MSEK, 2015-2017

Projektspecifikation för utveckling och effektivisering av regelverk, regelverkskrav och projektkrav, genom förbättrad specifikation, analys och kommunikation,

Academic Collaborations (selection)


Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
Lund University
Mälardalen University
SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer Science)


TU Berlin
TU Munich
University of Ljubljana
University Hospital of North Norway
Tilburg University
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila Bucharest
Edinburgh Napier University
University of Cyprus
University of Patras

Industry Collaborations (selection)

Axis Communications AB
Daimler AG
Danfoss AB
Emerson Process Management
Ericsson AB

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