SERL Sweden

The Software Engineering Research and Education Lab Sweden at Blekinge Institute of Technology is ranked the No. 1 research organization in the European Union, according the Journal of Systems and Software's latest ranking, based on our strong publication record in prestigious software engineering journals.

SERL Sweden is an applied lab working closely together with companies that want to improve their software development practices. We are focused on providing novel research solutions to real industrial challenges. Our strength is the focus on empirical software engineering research to strengthen industry's competitiveness in the development of software-intensive systems, services and products in close collaboration with companies such as ABB, Ericsson, Saab, Sony, Telenor and Volvo.

In all our research we strive for strong industrial relevance, and hence being an attractive partner for collaboration with industry that develops software-intensive systems, services and products.

SERL Sweden is dedicated to deliver dual excellence, i.e. strong industrial relevance and world class research. We have a broad set of competencies that span all the way from technical solutions to business issues. Our goal is to combine top-ranked academic research with a strong industrial relevance, and to be a natural and attractive partner for software developing companies that want to improve and innovate.


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