The doctoral candidate council

What is the Doctoral Candidate Council?

The Doctoral Candidate Council (Doktorandsektionen) is a voluntary interest-organization that gathers and represents all doctoral candidates at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH).

What do we want?

All doctoral candidates at BTH should have a high-quality post-graduate education. In order to achieve this we work to ensure a productive work environment, professional supervision, a regular and reasonable income, and an equal treatment of all doctoral candidates.

What do we do?

In our board meetings we discuss issues that concern doctoral candidates, appoint work-groups to address emerging subject matters, and with our representation in the boards and committees at BTH we try to function as a channel between the doctoral students and various decision-making bodies.

We also try to initiate networks between doctoral candidates from different research areas by organizing social activities, and lectures or seminars.

See the PhD Studies information page for more information.



Please note!

We do not handle PhD applications or answer general questions about how to apply for a PhD position etc. Please refer to the official guidelines for such matters.

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