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The Doctoral Candidate Council met with Lennart Ståhle, a representative from the University Chancellor's Office at the National Swedish Higher Education Association (Högskoleverket) on 24 Sept.

This was a great chance to get answers from the very core of the university system in Sweden, as well as networking with fellow colleagues. How is the Swedish University system? What potential roles/influence could you play after your dissertation etc? What kinds of things are happening in graduate education around Sweden and the rest of the world?

Some interesting points during our discussion:

  • Funding agencies don't often fund new researchers. Of course it varies from one research field to another, but this has implications for how we plan as PhD students and the alliances we form. It's also something that should be looked into at the national level - to consider how new researchers with the potential for bringing radically new ideas into research might get started in research careers.
  • The environment that we as PhD students work in is important and sometimes neglected! The opportunity to interact with each other to expand the horizons of our own thought is critical to our long-term success.
  • The importance of tutors / mentors is often overlooked, though this is starting to change. Still significant gender challenges because of the high number of male tutors / researchers supervising female students.
  • There's a need for international awareness in other languages than English -- there is a lot happening in French, German, Mandarin, etc. that is not always accessible.
  • Discussion about the implications for charging tuition to non-EU students, especially as it relates to recruiting PhD students. (We noted that of the 10 PhD Students from BTH at this meeting, 5 became PhD students because they first came to Sweden as a master's student.)
  • Lennart suggests the future will lead to universities like BTH granting PhD's in more specialized areas

Of course we talked about many, many other things also! Contact one of the others who attended to discuss the points above in more detail.

Thanks to those who attended!

  • Mafalda Madureira (CTUP - Spatial Planning)
  • Armanda Leon (ING/AMT - Mechanical engineering)
  • Merlina Missimer (ING/AMT - Sustainability Assessments)
  • Sebastian Barney* (COM)
  • Charlotte Sennersten~ (COM)
  • Maria Bäcke~ (DSN)
  • Olle Hilborn* (COM)
  • Anton Borg* (COM)
  • Efraim Laksman (ING/AMN - mathematics)
  • Tony Thompson* (ING/AMT - Sustainability Assessments)

* currently serving on DCC
~ previously served on DCC


More information about higher education is available from Högskoleverket: http://hsv.se/







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